Installing WAMP Server

Installing WAMP Server

Download WAMP

Download WampServer: Click Download WampServer, Select the 32 bit x86  or the 64 bit x64 version. Note that the 32 bit x86 version runs fine on a 64 bit machine.

Back up anything you wish to keep from any old versions of Wampserver or mySQL and then uninstall them.

WAMP Installation

Double click on the downloaded .exe file to start the installation.

Accept Select Setup Language default: English (or select language)
Accept License Agreement
Read & Verify Information contained in Installation Notes

Accept Installs in c:\wamp or (c:\wamp64)
Click <Next>

Accept Installs shortcuts  in Wampserver32 (or64)
Click <Next>

Ready to Install message
Click <Install>

Spins its wheels for a minute or two while displaying the “Please wait…” splash screen

Accept default browser (iexplore.exe)
Click <No>

Accept default text editor (notepad.exe)
Click <No>

Displays: Setup Info:
Click <Next>

Displayed: Completing the Wampserver32 (or 64) Setup Wizard
Wampserver3.0.6 32 bit x86
Apache 2.4.23
PHP 5.6.25/7.0.10
MySQL 5.7.14

Click <Finish>

This procedure installed:
Apache 2.4.23, MySQL 5.7.14, PHP 5.6.25/7.0.10 & phpMyAdmin

This is a good time to Pin the WampServer icon to the Start Menu.

Start Wamp

Check that All services (on icon tray popup) reported as running.

Note that you can put the WampServer Icon on the main taskbar by: right clicking on the taskbar:  then select <Select which icons appear on the taskbar>. Switch “Aestan Tray Menu” on. Note the “W” icon appear on the main taskbar.

Additional Info

The home of PHP (the ‘P’ part of WAMP) has useful info on the installation of PHP. Click here for php in general or Click here for the specifics of php installation.

Eric Pickstone