Travel 2015

We flew from Perth on 11 August 2015 courtesy of Etihad EY 0487 to Abu Dhabi. After a miserable delay in the airport, relieved only by my fantasizing about ordering a double beef whopper with extra bacon from the airport Burgher King concession,  we boarded EY0083 for Rome’s Fumicino airport.

First stop Orte

26th Aug we boarded Easy Jet flight EZY4472  from Rome to Lyon.

Then on to Paris by TGV

D’une Fenetre, Monmartre, Nation et Protest, Bastille Skateboards, Viaduct, Vuiton Defense, Sevre et Canal, Bastille, Vosges et Hugo, Ma soeur et Moi,

Final leg to Moulay Bousselhem