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Facebook Assholes?

Islamic Astronomy

Why are there so many assholes on Facebook? Well its complicated,  related as it is to astronomy, philately, atomic physics and the Internet.

Did you know that most of the stars you can see with the naked eye have Arabic names?  That’s because they were first named by Arabic speaking astronomers. When you are the first, you get the naming rights.

Look at the three stamps pictured in the image below:






they are respectively from left to right an  American stamp,  a French stamp and finally a British stamp.

Notice anything?

The American stamp has the legend “United States of America” while  the French stamp has “Republique Francaise” emblazoned across it. The British stamp contains no  text to tell you it’s British. That’s because stamps were invented by Brits and there was no need to write UK or England  because no one else had stamps at that time. Britain had the naming rights, or more accurately the none naming rights, to this day.

For the same reason,  email addresses have their country of origin appended to them. My email ends in .au for Australia but Americans do not have a .us  because the internet and email were invented in America and Americans have the naming rights

Now look at a periodic table of the elements:

Periodic table of elements by country

The elements are marked with the countries in which each element was discovered. Europe dominates the earlier discoveries and so British, Swedish, French and other European scientists got to name those elements because they found them first. The USA dominates the later heavier elements because American institutions dominated atomic physics and they gave their discoveries  American names.

Which brings me back to assholes. The internet is American in origin and so is Facebook so if I type “arsehole” on a Facebook page, I get an irritating squiggly red line under it and they only way I can get rid of it is to replace an honest English arsehole with a less satisfying American asshole. So that my friends is why Facebook is full of so many American assholes instead of good honest British arseholes. So maybe my friends on the right are right and all our problems really did start with the Muslim’s.