Pickstone Origins

Stone mound nr Cado NW France

The Pickstones are a very ancient family but we were not always called Picksone.

We originated somewhere in what is now north western France. Our family, or more properly our tribe, were stone gatherers. We gathered stones and arranged them in shapes considered pleasing to the Gods. We were not druids yet we worked closely with druids because our stone arrangements were used by them in religious festivals.

No one is entirely sure when we came to Britain but our family legend has it that we came to take part in the stone gathering for what was to become stonehenge. Our family at that time was called Ramasspiere which may be roughly translated as stone harvester. We stayed in Britain for centuries after the stonehenge job was completed.

We settled in Angelsy and prospered there until many of us were wiped out by the Romans. Some of us survived the Romans and as the centuries passed our name slowly evolved from Stoneharvester to Stonepicker until it eventually became Pickstone sometime in the 13th century.

Stone circles were out of fashion in medieval England so we diversified into other stonework and became founding members of the free masons. We returned to our origins in 1917 when daylight saving was introduced. Daylight saving requires that all clocks be adjusted by one hour. This is simple enough for modern 20th century clocks but it is a major undertaking for stone clocks such as stonehenge. The circle of stones must be rotated to maintain accurate celestial alignment. Who better to accomplish this painstaking task than the ancient order of Pickstones.

My great grandfather Obelix was the first of the Pickstones to hold the title of Grand Master of the Stones. Each year until his death in 1941, Grand Master Obelix would supervise the shifting of the stones to their precisely surveyed new positions. My Grandfather continued the tradition and he was followed as Grand Master of the Stones by my uncle Obelix. The job of Grandmaster of the Stones is largely ceremonial these days because GPS coupled with 3D predictive modeling has made the work child’s play.

An interesting footnot to my families history occurred when an engineer in Anthem consulted with my uncle Obelix on the finer points of stone and sun alignment for a memorial to be built in that town.