02 Where To Begin?

Now What ?

The story so far:

  • I have signed up with a web hosting company: Cloud Hosted
  • I have chosen a domain name: epicsite.com

This just means that I have rented some space on the internet whose address (domain name) is epicsite.com. It’s rather like renting an apartment; I know the address and the landlord has handed over the keys but the apartment is unfurnished and I haven’t moved in yet.

I Want a Website

I want to create a website on my domain but where do I begin?

I suppose that I could start from scratch but I really don’t want to get into all the arcane details of HTML, PHP and CSS, I just want to build a website with a minimum of effort and without all the bullshit.

After a bit of net surfing, I discovered “WordPress”. WordPress has been around for many years and apparently it is the technology behind about a third of all websites on the internet. My chosen hosting company, supports WordPress and offers a simple process to install WordPress  and get a website up and running more or less instantly.

Installing WordPress

Log in to the domain, using the credentials established during the initial sign up process

My web hosting company, Cloud Hosted,  uses a popular third party GUI called cPanel to manage my rented space on their server.
Go to the “Quick Install Tools” section of cPanel and click the “WordPress” button.

Fill out the form to get started with your install.

Install Path: leave blank
Admin Email: xxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx.xx
Blog Title: epicentre
Admin User: xxxx
First Name: Xxxxxx
Last Name: Xxxxxxxxx

cPanel will install WordPress and advise you of your website  log-in credentials  (different from your domain log-in) with something like the following:

Use the information below to login to your new install.
URL: http://epic-site.com
Admin Area: http://epic-site.com/wp-admin
Username: xxxxxx
Password: xxxxxXxxxxxXxxXxxx

That’s it, you now have your very own website open up your browser and enter your URL  http://www.epic-site.com to see how it looks.

Eric Pickstone