Why ?

This is the first of a series of short pieces on why and how I built my web site. The website you are looking at right now in fact.

My website: epic-site.com, came to be,  entirely by accident. I mean to say that my website came into being by an unintentional and rather circuitous route, rather than by some sort of immaculate conception. Subsequent pages will show the how.

I had bought yet another expensive hard drive for backing up my growing collection of data and assorted media files when it occurred to me that the so called “cloud” might provide a more economical answer to safeguarding my precious files.

I had already experimented with Google’s google drive, Microsoft’s one drive and a few other offerings from companies touting free space on “the cloud”. By the bye, if you were wondering what differences there may be between “the cloud” and “the internet”, there aren’t any. The internet, as I still call it, and the cloud are exactly the same thing.

The problem with the freebies is that they don’t offer enough free space to be useful and I was too cheap to consider paying for the extra space. I looked around the net and found that there are a number of companies offering space on the net at a price. I chose to go with a company called “Cloud Hosted”. My decision was based on some positive reviews and because they offered unlimited storage at Aus$ 142.90 per year. Since a 4TB hard drive costs around Aus$200 and I buy at least one new drive every year this seemed like a good deal.

I signed up with “Cloud Hosted” and along with the unlimited storage, I got a domain name of my own choosing with website hosting services thrown in at no additional charge.

I chose the domain name: epic-site.com because epic is a contraction of my name nuanced with delusions of grandeur.


Eric Pickstone