06 Adding Media

Sahra 07: Adding Media

So far we have dealt solely with text in our Pages and Posts but if the internet is about anything it is about multi-media.

Here is where we learn how to add images, sound and video.

The Media Library

Your WordPress website contains its own media library, we encountered this in First Steps when we added an image header to the website.

You can access the media library from the Dashboard by selecting Media -> Library.

The Media Library is actually a folder in the home directory of your website. You can add images to the library for future use.

Default Image Sizes

Thumbnail:     150×150

Medium:           300×300

Large:            1024×1024

Adding Images to the Media Library

You can add images to the media library as part of the process of inserting images in a page or a post but you may need images elsewhere on your website, in which case you will need to upload it to the library before you can use it.

From the Dashboard, select <Media> and <Add New> click on <Select Files> and upload the image.

The image is now ready for use on your website

Add an Image To a Page or Post

Click on the point in the text where the image is to be inserted, click <Add Media>. From the pop-up box select <Upload Files> or<Media Library>

Once the file is uploaded, select the image.

Set the alignment and you are done.

Add a Picture Gallery

A Gallery is a way of showing thumbnails of images on a page or a post in a rectangular grid. A visitor can click on a particular image and see it as a larger size.

The images should be prepared on your computer before uploading

Sarah deals with photos in greater detail in Lesson 12

I’m gonnah wait for something more sophisticated

Adding a Video

Later I think

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