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The Blog Connection

Posts are Blog oriented and a Blog shares many characteristics with a newspaper. Today’s fresh headlines are at best tomorrows archives if not tomorrow’s wrapping paper.

The time sensitive nature of a  Blog’s new content as well as the archival nature of its older content is well supported by WordPress. This is hardly surprising, because WordPress  began as software to build and support blogging sites.

Sarah 06: Adding a Post

Adding a post is pretty much the same as adding a page. From the Dashboard, select Posts->Add New

Edit your post and click <Publish> or <Update> just as you did with pages.

Posts are not automatically added to the Menu as Pages are but they have a  system of : “Categories” and “Tags” as well as other options which Auntie Sarah  discusses in Lesson 8

Categories & Tags

While adding or editing a Post you have access to some dialogues to the right of the editing area.

Categories literally allow you to categorize your Posts. While writing your Post you can choose one or more categories for your Post which will then apply a filter to your Posts so that your visitors stand a fighting chance of finding a particular Post in a Particular Category.

You may add as many Categories as you wish. From the Dashboard, Select Posts-> Categories and add whatever Categories you think you will need. Alternatively you can add Categories as you edit a Post.

Categories support a hierarchical structure of nested Categories.

Tags are a less structured way of categorizing your posts, they help search engines to classify your site. You should get in the habit of adding two or three keywords or phrases to each of your posts.

Sticky Posts

Posts generally slide down as they age but if you want a Post to stay at the top you can make it “Sticky”.

To the right of the Posts page, click Visibility->Edit

Pre & Post Dating Posts

A handy feature of Posts is that you can assign them any date you choose; past or present. This can be handy especially as stuff you might have written years before can be assigned its proper date.

While editing, click on the <Publish> drop down box located upper right  and click <Edit>Just below “Published on: some date” and change the date to whatever you like.

You can even choose a future date and WordPress will hold the post until that date falls.

Eric Pickstone