Dead Man Driving

Dead man driving

There will always be dead people registered to vote just as there will always be dead people licensed to drive. No matter how hard you try to keep the voter rolls up to date, you are doomed to fail. Even if you removed every dead person from the voter rolls by close of business today, there will be another 4,000 corpses on the rolls by close of business tomorrow night. Just do the Math(s):

The population of the USA in 2014 was 318.9 million
Around 80 million were under 20 years old leaving about 238 million adults. Total reported deaths in 2014 were 2.6 million of which about 50,000 were under voting age.

In any given year around 2.5 million of 238 million American adults will die (that’s about 1%).

There are an estimated 150 million registered voters in the USA of which roughly 1% (1.5 million) will probably die in any given year. That’s around 125,000 every month or more than 4000 every single day.

That is why there will always be dead people registered to vote, another 4000 each and every day in fact. You can do a similar analysis for people who move from one electorate to another. There will always be a shed load of people who are eligible to vote in more than one electorate. This is not corruption, it is not incompetence it is a simple fact and a fact of no more significance than the fact that lots of dead people hold valid drivers licenses. They don’t drive because they are dead and they don’t vote for the same reason.

Detection of votes cast on behalf of dead persons, or of votes cast more than once by the same person are easily detected.

I have researched the the subject here in Australia and the incidence of voter fraud by impersonation is virtually zero. When I vote, my name is crossed off a list, if someone else tries to vote in my name (or has already usurped my vote) the fraud is detected more or less immediately. Routine post election analysis  confirms that election fraud by voter impersonation is virtually zero.

The real agenda here is the desire by some to introduce Voter ID in order to restrict the number of legitimate voters from exercising their rights as citizens. Voter ID will not stop voter fraud  because there hardly any voter fraud  to stop. Voter ID is a solution to a none existent problem. In any case, voter impersonation is probably the least effective and most inefficient strategy for swinging an election. Just imagine trying to organize several million voter impersonations; it is just not credible and every body knows it.

However; if you like false correlations and bullshit reasoning, you should keep an eye out for all those dead people driving and causing accidents out there.

Stats Source: National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 65 No. 4
Some sources say up to 200 million registered voters in 2016