Hate He Said


by Steven Oliver, 24/01/2012

Hate, he said was in my heart
Hate, he said tore us apart
Hate, he said to let it go
Hate, he said but he did not know
That what I had inside of me
Was a sadness born of empathy
That because I did not celebrate
It did not mean I was full of hate
I asked him to just try and see
Through my eyes the tragedy
Of dispossession, of pain, of hurt
Of the red of blood that stained this earth
I mourn for all the lives that were lost
I mourn for what this country cost
I mourn for how we came to be
For the end does not justify the means
It’s in the past he said, move on
Why mourn for something so long gone?
I looked at him and came to say,
Do you think we should forget about ANZAC day?
It’s not the same was his retort
I said wait a minute, give it some thought

People died while fighting for their land
Defending it from a foreign hand
Make no mistake there was a war
That had been fought on these very shores
A war that didn’t always discriminate
Where the elderly or infants could meet the same fate
As those who fought to protect them so
And that’s why we should never let go
Never forget what price was paid
For us to live as we do today
He looked at me quite seriously
Said he celebrates because we’re free
He celebrates our democracy
And everything great in this country
I said, that’s fine, I get that, it’s clear
Just please don’t forget how we got here
Just take a moment to think it through
What price was paid for me and you
To live in this country as we do
Don’t take for granted the sacrifice
Both of land and of life
We need to remember those who died
Not let their legacy be swept aside
You got an apology, he said
It talked about loss and mentioned the dead

What more do you want? He asked of me,
And so I replied in the hope he would see
We have a day for Australia, the Queen
For New Years and Christmas and all those between
Like Labour and Easter, the ANZAC Parade
And just what the hell is Boxing Day?
There’s even a day that we have for the Shows
But nothing that speaks of my people’s woes
A national day to acknowledge the cause
To acknowledge all that has happened before
And I don’t mean NAIDOC I mean something more
Where the whole nation stops, like it does for a horse!
A day, is that too much to ask?
To remind us, don’t ignore the past
He processed my words and looked at the ground
We both sat in silence, then there was a sound
A sound that seemed like heaven to me
A sound of two words that said, I agree!
We talked some more as the day came to end
And despite our differences I’d made a new friend
He understood as the day came to night
That I needed some things in this country made right
And because I did not celebrate
It did not mean I was full of hate.

© Steven Oliver

Listen To Steven Oliver as he recites his poem.

History According to Trump

Trump claims complete ignorance of his son’s meeting(s) with Russians. I believe him. Trump is so ignorant of so many things that claiming ignorance as a defence is completely credible for this man.

Speaking in Paris, Trump said, “France is America’s first and oldest ally. A lot of people don’t know that,” and followed up with, “France helped us secure our independence, a lot of people forget.”

Strange comments from a man who practically lives on Lafayette Square; a public park located directly north of the White House on H Street and bounded by Jackson Place on the west, Madison Place on the east, and Pennsylvania Avenue. Lafayette Square is named for the Marquis de Lafayette, a hero of the American Revolution, and includes a prominent statue of early 19th century President and general Andrew Jackson on horseback. Don’t even get me started on the role of the French navy at York Town.

Trump recently commented on Abraham Lincoln: “Great president. Most people don’t even know he[Lincoln] was a Republican,” Trump went on to ask his audience: “Does anyone know? Lot of people don’t know that.” This was even funnier when you consider that his audience was the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The president’s statement was met with ridicule and not for the first time. From implying famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass was still alive to claiming that Andrew Jackson “was really angry that he saw what was happening in regard to the Civil War.” But Jackson died in 1845, and the Civil War didn’t begin until 16 years later, in 1861. Jackson was the founder of the Democratic Party, the seventh President of the United States and was the only president who served in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 in which he won a decisive victory at the Battle of New Orleans.

Trump went on to say, “People don’t ask the question, but why was there the Civil War?” This is arguably the most asked and answered question in American history but Trump wouldn’t know that he has probably never read a history book in his entire life.

Each time Trump ‘discovers’ a historical fact it seem that he assumes everyone else is as ignorant of history as he clearly is. It turns out that uttering the phrases “a lot of people don’t know that” and “a lot of people forget” before stating well-known historical facts makes for instant meme-fication. Sad!

I wonder if he knows where the statue of liberty comes from? Now this: