A Question of Ignorance


One of the more useful phrases, and arguably the most under used, is “I don’t know”.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t know something. After all, each of us can only know a tiny fraction of the sum total of human knowledge and an even tinier portion of that knowledge yet to be discovered.

I once taught a few classes to adults and I was frequently asked questions I couldn’t answer. My stock answer of “I don’t know” sometimes evolved into a useful exploration of the question and sometimes it was just followed with a simple promise to find out.

A colleague of mine was unable to use the phrase and resorted to bullshit instead. From time to time he was eviscerated by students who did not know as much Unix as he did but they did have extremely sensitive and finely tuned bullshit detectors. After one such class mauling, he went to his boss (and mine) and tried to get the two main miscreants fired. Our boss, a particularly smart guy, exercised the widom of Solomon and justice was served.

My colleague failed to understand that admission of ignorance can be a positive thing. It doesn’t merely a signal a reluctance to bullshit, it says that you are a credible source.

… and by the way; I don’t know doesn’t mean that god did it.

All Atheists are Terrorists

Saudi Arabia has issued a series of Royal decrees since January of 2014 which create a legal framework to criminalize and define as terrorism any and all dissident thought including any and all criticism of Islam.

The Saudi’s have made the Orwellian nightmare manifest beyond anything we have seen since Stalin’s  Soviet Union.

The “Terrorism” provisions include the following articles:

  • Article 1: “Calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.”
  • Article 2: “Anyone who throws away their loyalty to the country’s rulers, or who swears allegiance to any party, organization, current [of thought], group, or individual inside or outside [the kingdom].”
  • Article 4: “Anyone who aids [“terrorist”] organizations, groups, currents [of thought], associations, or parties, or demonstrates affiliation with them, or sympathy with them, or promotes them, or holds meetings under their umbrella, either inside or outside the kingdom; this includes participation in audio, written, or visual media; social media in its audio, written, or visual forms; internet websites; or circulating their contents in any form, or using slogans of these groups and currents [of thought], or any symbols which point to support or sympathy with them.”
  • Article 6: “Contact or correspondence with any groups, currents [of thought], or individuals hostile to the kingdom.”
  • Article 8: “Seeking to shake the social fabric or national cohesion, or calling, participating, promoting, or inciting sit-ins, protests, meetings, or group statements in any form, or anyone who harms the unity or stability of the kingdom by any means.”
  • Article 9: “Attending conferences, seminars, or meetings inside or outside [the kingdom] targeting the security of society, or sowing discord in society.”
  • Article 11: “Inciting or making countries, committees, or international organizations antagonistic to the kingdom.”

Happy Birthday Bill

On this day, 23 April 1616 the worlds greatest writer died.
His name is William Shakespeare and he is immortal.

His plays are regularly performed around the world in virtually every language of the world. Shakespeare tells us timeless stories on universal themes, he writes about us.

West side story is Shakespeare, Ran is Shakespeare even “The Lion King” has Hamlet at its heart.

Today is also Shakespeare’s birthday, he was born on 23 April 1564.

So here is a birthday tribute from Peter Sellers, performing a song by The Beatles in a parody of Laurence Olivier’s portrayal of Shakespeare’s Richard III.

Happy Birthday Bill.

Cost of Freedom

Muslims protesting against murder of secularist
Muslims protesting against murder of secularist

A few days ago I saw Facebook post which asked: “If 8% of Muslims are radicalized, and 92% are “Moderate”, then why aren’t the moderate majority stopping the radicals from killing Christians, stoning women, waging jihad, committing honor killings and tossing gays from buildings in Muslim majority countries?”

A second post from the same source quoted John Quincy Adams as saying that: “you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.”

I responded to the first post, in part, with the throwaway line: “maybe the moderates are too frightened to openly oppose a bunch of fanatical murdering thugs”.

… and that was that until I read today that Mohammad Nazim Uddin, a law student, was brutally murdered in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital on Thursday, 7th April.

It seems that Mr. Uddin, 26, was a Muslim apostate and atheist who had the audacity to express his views on Facebook and for that terrible crime he was killed. A quick review of my own Facebook pages reveals that I committed that same terrible crime less than 24 hours before Mr Uddin was murdered by a bunch of fanatical murdering thugs.

Some moderate Muslims are standing for freedom, and they are paying a terrible price for it. How many of us web  warriors and Facebook fighters would have the genuine courage shown by Mohammad Nazim Uddin if the penalty for our free expression was death?

Click here for Pew research on Muslim views.

Facebook Assholes?

Islamic Astronomy

Why are there so many assholes on Facebook? Well its complicated,  related as it is to astronomy, philately, atomic physics and the Internet.

Did you know that most of the stars you can see with the naked eye have Arabic names?  That’s because they were first named by Arabic speaking astronomers. When you are the first, you get the naming rights.

Look at the three stamps pictured in the image below:






they are respectively from left to right an  American stamp,  a French stamp and finally a British stamp.

Notice anything?

The American stamp has the legend “United States of America” while  the French stamp has “Republique Francaise” emblazoned across it. The British stamp contains no  text to tell you it’s British. That’s because stamps were invented by Brits and there was no need to write UK or England  because no one else had stamps at that time. Britain had the naming rights, or more accurately the none naming rights, to this day.

For the same reason,  email addresses have their country of origin appended to them. My email ends in .au for Australia but Americans do not have a .us  because the internet and email were invented in America and Americans have the naming rights

Now look at a periodic table of the elements:

Periodic table of elements by country

The elements are marked with the countries in which each element was discovered. Europe dominates the earlier discoveries and so British, Swedish, French and other European scientists got to name those elements because they found them first. The USA dominates the later heavier elements because American institutions dominated atomic physics and they gave their discoveries  American names.

Which brings me back to assholes. The internet is American in origin and so is Facebook so if I type “arsehole” on a Facebook page, I get an irritating squiggly red line under it and they only way I can get rid of it is to replace an honest English arsehole with a less satisfying American asshole. So that my friends is why Facebook is full of so many American assholes instead of good honest British arseholes. So maybe my friends on the right are right and all our problems really did start with the Muslim’s.

Approaching Tumbrels

Tumbrel approaches
Tumbrel approaches

Bernie Sanders told the Senate back in 2011 that Panama was “a world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade paying US taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens” He pointed out that a tax haven has one (or more) of three characteristics: it has low or no income tax, it has bank secrecy laws and a history of none cooperation with other countries on exchanging information about tax matters, Panama has all three.

Last weekend, 3rd April 2016, stories began to break about the so called Panama Papers.  Over a year ago, an anonymous source contacted the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and submitted encrypted internal documents from Mossack Fonseca, an obscure Panamanian law firm whose business is selling anonymous shell companies to any one wishing to cover up their shady business dealings.

More than 2.6 terabytes of data were received, far too much for SZ to handle alone so they partnered with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to analyse what has become the biggest leak that journalists have ever had to deal with.

Over the past 12 months, about 400 journalists from 100 media organizations in over 80 countries have collaborated in researching the documents. The Guardian and the BBC in England, Le Monde in France, and La Nación in Argentina have all participated.

The leaked documents provide details on more than 214,000 offshore companies, including the identities of shareholders and  company directors. The documents identify current government leaders from five countries: Argentina, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates. Also identified are  government officials, close relatives, and close associates of various heads of government of more than 40 other countries, including Brazil, the People’s Republic of China, Peru, France, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Syria, and the United Kingdom.

One head has already rolled;  Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, the Prime Minister of Iceland has resigned. He is unlikely to be the last, doubtless many other high officials and business leaders are waiting nervously for the sound of approaching tumbrels.

Where’s Buckley?

Someone once said: “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake”, I think it was Napoleon or perhaps Rod Steiger. Whatever! It was a long time ago and I was probably a bit drunk when I saw the movie.

Rod Steiger as Napoleon

Unfortunately the Republicans are in very little danger of doing anything other than staying on their current road to near inevitable destruction.  I say unfortunately, because a democracy requires a credible alternative leadership. Both sides of politics need each other, if only because neither side of politics has all the answers, not even all the questions.

Where are the likes of William F. Buckley today? We need you Bill, America needs you and your party needs you.  William F. Buckley was a Conservative, a real one and a smart one. He attacked liberal views, many of which I cleave to, and he attacked them with gusto, with humor and a grand intelligence honed by knowledge and learning. Buckley edited a conservative magazine called the  National Review it still exists in its on-line form and it is still worth reading. He also had a  conservative TV show called “Firing Line” which he founded and hosted for 33 years and 1,504 episodes. Ironically the home of this great piece of American television was PBS.

Buckley didn’t like Donald Trump very much so it came as a surprise when Trump invoked the Buckley name in response to a few scathing articles in the still unambiguously conservative National Review. Trump tweeted:  “The late, great, William F. Buckley would be ashamed of what had happened to his prize, the dying National Review!”

It’s only fair to let Mr Buckley respond. We cannot know what William F. would think of today’s National Review but we do know what he thought of the Donald. He gave his opinion of Trump in an essay in 2000 when he wrote :

“Look for the narcissist. The most obvious target in today’s lineup is, of course, Donald Trump. When he looks at a glass, he is mesmerized by its reflection. If Donald Trump were shaped a little differently, he would compete for Miss America. But whatever the depths of self-enchantment, the demagogue has to say something. So what does Trump say? That he is a successful businessman and that that is what America needs in the Oval Office. There is some plausibility in this, though not much.” Click for more of Buckley on Trump. It could have been written yesterday.

All ideas need to be tested and challenged in open debate. It is my right as a citizen to have my opinions challenged and I demand my rights.

Here are some quotes from WFB, unverified but they certainly sound more  like him than Mrs Palin.

“I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said”.

“The best defense against usurpatory(Yes that’s a word, I checked) government is an assertive citizenry”.

“Idealism is fine, but as reality approaches, the costs become prohibitive”. 

“A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling ’Stop!’”

“I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University”.

“There is an inverse relationship between reliance on the state and on self-reliance”.

“Truth is a demure lady, much too ladylike to knock you on your head and drag you to her cave. She is there, but people must want her, and seek her out”.

“I would like to take you seriously but to do so would affront your intelligence”.

Being Atheist



Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to be an atheist?  Is it sad? Perhaps it’s lonely? Just how does it feel?

Say “hello” to Thor.

Sadly for Thor, nobody says Hi anymore because hardly anybody believes in Thor these days. If  you don’t believe in Thor either, you are well on your way to being an atheist.  In fact as far as Thor is concerned you are already an atheist. How does it feel?  Not too bad, Now that wasn’t too hard was it? Welcome to the club.

Thor is not completely forgotten of course, he is still remembered in legend and the odd Hollywood movie. We still honor Thor every Thursday because of course Thursday is Thor’s day just as Friday is Frigg’s day and Wednesday is Wodan’s day.

Thor, Frigg and Wodan are just three of the nearly 3000 gods people once prayed to, killed for and died for but have now forgotten. Click here to see the full list. You have accepted non-belief in nearly 3000 gods, actually 2808 and that’s 99.9 % of all Gods .  I guarantee that ditching one more god is not going to hurt any more than dropping the other 2807 did. Give it a try, go on I dare you.

You might think you are the only atheist in your community, click here for a little local help and support.

Gods Forgotten


Here is the list  of forgotten gods, They are numbered to save you the bother of counting. There are 2808.

0003 A—————————–babylonian goddess of the moon
0004 A-a—————————mesopotamian sun goddess
0005 A’as————————–hittite god of wisdom
0006 Aabit————————egyptian goddess of song
0007 Aakuluujjusi—————-inuit creator goddess
0008 Aasith———————–egyptian goddess of the hunt
0009 Aataentsic——————iriquois goddess
0010 Aatxe————————basque bull god
0011 Ab Kin Xoc——————mayan god of war
0012 Aba Khatun Baikal———siberian goddess of the sea
0013 Abaangui——————–guarani god
0014 Abaasy———————–yakut underworld gods
0015 Abandinus——————-romano-celtic god
0016 Abarta————————irish god
0017 Abeguwo———————melansian rain goddess
0018 Abellio———————–gallic tree god
0019 Abeona———————–roman goddess of passage
0020 Abere————————-melanisian goddess of evil
0021 Abgal————————-arabian god
0022 Abhijit———————–hindu goddess of fortune
0023 Abhijnaraja——————-tibetan physician god
0024 Abhimukhi———————buddhist goddess
0025 Abhiyoga———————-jain gods
0026 Abonba————————romano-celtic forest goddess
0027 Abonsam———————–west african malicious god
0028 Abora————————-polynesian supreme god
0029 Abowie————————west african god
0030 Abu—————————sumerian vegetation god
0031 Abuk————————–dinkan goddess of women and gardens
0032 Abundantia——————–roman fertility goddess
0033 Anzu————————–mesopotamian god of deep water
0034 Ac Yanto———————-mayan god of white men
0035 Acacila———————–peruvian weather god
0036 Acala————————-buddhist goddess
0037 Acan————————–mayan god of wine
0038 Acat————————–mayan god of tattoo artists
0039 Acaviser———————-etruscan goddess
0040 Acca Larentia—————–roman mother goddess
0041 Acchupta———————-jain goddess of learning
0042 Accasbel———————-irish god of wine
0043 Acco————————–greek goddess of evil
0044 Achiyalatopa——————zuni monster god
0045 Acolmitztli——————-aztec god of the underworld
0046 Acolnahuacatl—————–aztec god of the underworld
0047 Adad————————–mesopotamian weather god
0048 Adamas————————gnostic christian creator god
0049 Adekagagwaa——————-iroquois god
0050 Adeona————————roman goddess of passage
0051 Adhimukticarya—————-buddhist goddess
0052 Adhimuktivasita—————buddhist goddess
0053 Adibuddha———————buddhist god
0054 Adidharma———————buddhist goddess
0055 Adikia————————greek goddess of injustice
0056 Adimurti———————-hindu avatar of Vishnu
0057 Aditi————————-hindu mother goddess
0058 Aditya————————12 hindu sun gods
0059 Adnoartina——————–aboriginal god
0060 Adonis————————semitic fertility and vegitation god
0061 Adrastea———————-phrygian mountain goddess
0062 Adro————————–east african guardian god
0063 Aecos————————-greco-roman underworld god
0064 Aed—————————celtic underworld god
0065 Aegir————————-nordic god of the ocean
0066 Aengus————————celtic god
0067 Aeolos————————greek god of storms
0068 Aeolus————————roman god of storms
0069 Aequitas———————-roman god of fair dealing
0070 Aericura———————-romano-celtic underworld god
0071 Aesculapius——————-roman god of healing
0072 Aesir————————-12 nordic sky gods
0073 Aether————————greco-roman god of light
0074 Agathos Daimon—————-greco-roman god of fortune
0075 Age—————————west african god of animals
0076 Aglibol———————–arabian moon god
0077 Agni————————–hindu god of fire
0078 Agnikumara——————–group of jain gods
0079 Agnostos Theos—————-greco-roman “unknown gods”
0080 Agu’gux———————–aleut creator god
0081 Agunua————————polynesian serpent god
0082 Ah Bolon Dz’acab————–mayan fertility god
0083 Ah Cancum———————mayan hunting god
0084 Ah Chun Caan——————mayan guardian god
0085 Ah Ciliz———————-mayan god of solar eclipses
0086 Ah Cuxtal———————mayan god of birth
0087 Ah Hulneb———————mayan god of war
0088 Ah Kin————————mayan sun god
0089 Ah Kin Xoc——————–mayan god of poetry
0090 Ah Kumix Unicob—————4 mayan water gods
0091 Ah Mun————————mayan corn god
0092 Ah Muzencab——————-mayan bee gods
0093 Ah Patnar Unicob————–4 mayan water gods
0094 Ah Peku———————–mayan thunder god
0095 Ah Tabai———————-mayan hunting god
0096 Ah Uincir Dz’acab————-mayan god of healing
0097 Ah Uuc Ticab——————mayan fertility and vegetation god
0098 Aha—————————siberian river god
0099 Ahriman———————–zoroastrian god of darkness
0100 Ahsonnutli——————–navaho god
0101 Ahura Mazda——————-zoroastrian god of truth and light
0102 Ahti————————–finnish god of the sea
0103 Ahurani———————–zoroastrian fertility goddess
0104 Ai Apaec———————-mochica indian supreme god
0105 Aide————————–basque goddess of winds
0106 Aine————————–celtic sun goddess
0107 Airsekui———————-huron god
0108 Ajalamo———————–yoruba god of unborn children
0109 Ajaya————————-buddhist goddess
0110 Aje—————————yoruba goddess of wealth
0111 Aji-Shiki-Taka-Hiko-Ne– shinto rain god
0112 Ajysyt———————–siberian maternal god
0113 Akasagarbha——————-buddhist astral god
0114 Akelos————————greek river god
0115 Aken————————–egyptian underworld god
0116 Aker————————–egyptian earth god of passage
0117 Akerbeltz———————basque billy goat god
0118 Akeru————————-egyptian earth gods
0119 Akonadi———————–west african oracle gods
0120 Akongo————————central african creator god
0121 Aksayajnana-Karmanda———-buddhist literature god
0122 Aksobhya———————-buddhist god of consciousness
0123 Aktunowihio——————-cheyenne god
0124 Ala—————————west african fertility goddess
0125 Alad Udug Lama—————-mesopotamian guardian gods
0126 Alaisiagae——————–romano-celtic goddesses
0127 Alalu————————-hittite primordial god
0128 Aluluei———————–micronesian god of navigation
0129 Alatangana——————–west african creator god
0130 Alaunus———————–romano-celtic god
0131 Alicis————————germanic twin brother gods
0132 Alemona———————–roman goddess of passage
0133 Alisanos———————-romano-celtic earth god
0134 Alk’unta’m——————–north american indian sun god
0135 Allat————————-arabian astral goddess
0136 Allatu————————semitic underworld goddess
0137 Almaqah———————–arabian astral god
0138 Almudj————————aboriginal creator god
0139 Alpanu————————etruscan underworld goddess
0140 Altjira———————–aboriginal creator god
0141 Ama-arhus———————mesopotamnian fertility goddess
0142 Amaethon———————-celtic god of agriculture
0143 Amasagnul———————mesopotamian fertility goddess
0144 Amaterasu-O-Mi-Kami———–shinto sun goddess
0145 Ama-Tsu-Mara——————shinto god of smiths
0146 Amatsu Mikaboshi————–shinto god of evil
0147 Amaunet———————–egyptian fertility goddess
0148 Ame-No-Kagase-Wo————–shinto astral god
0149 Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-Kami——shinto water goddess
0150 Ame-No-Minaka-Nushi-No-Kami—shinto supreme god
0151 Ame-No-Toko-Tachi-No-Kami—–shinto primordial god
0152 Ame-No-Uzume——————shinto goddess of dancers
0153 Ame-Waka-Hiko—————–shinto god
0154 Am-Heh————————egyptian underworld god
0155 Amida————————-buddhist primordial god
0156 Amimitl———————–aztec god of lakes and fish hunters
0157 Amitabha———————-buddhist god
0158 Amm—————————arabian moon god
0159 Amma (1)———————-south indian guardian god
0160 Amma (2)———————-west african creator god
0161 Ammavaru———————-hindu mother goddess
0162 Ammut————————-egyptian underworld god
0163 Amoghapasa——————–buddhist god
0164 Amoghasiddhi——————buddhist god
0165 Amor————————–roman god of love
0166 Amphion———————–greek god
0167 Amphitrite——————–greek sea goddess
0168 Amun————————–egyptian creator god
0169 Amurru————————semitic mountain god
0170 An (1)————————mesopotamian creator god
0171 An (2)————————mesopotamian female creator god
0172 Anaitis———————–persian fertility goddess
0173 Anala————————-hindu god
0174 Ananke————————greek goddess of destiny
0175 Ananta————————hindu snake god
0176 Anantamukhi——————-buddhist literature god
0177 Anantesa———————-hindu god
0178 Anat————————–semitic ferility and war goddess
0179 Anaulikutsai’x—————-north american river goddess
0180 Anbay————————-arabian guardian god
0181 Ancamma———————–romano-celtic water goddess
0182 Andarta———————–celtic ferility goddess
0183 Andjety———————–egyptian underworld god
0184 Andrasta———————-romano-celtic goddess of war
0185 Anextiomarus——————romano-celtic tribal god
0186 Angru Mainyu——————persian underworld god
0187 Angwusnasomtaka—————hopi goddess
0188 Anhouri———————–egyptian god
0189 Ani—————————etruscan sky god
0190 Anila————————-hindu god
0191 Anjea————————-australasian fertility god
0192 Ankalamman——————–hindu guardian goddess
0193 Anna Kuari——————–indian vegetation goddess
0194 Anna Perenna——————roman guardian goddess
0195 Annamurti———————hindu avatar of Vishnu
0196 Ansa————————–hindu sun god
0197 Anti————————–egyptian guardian god
0198 Antu————————–mesopotamian creator goddess
0199 Anu (1)———————–mesopotamian creator god
0200 Anu (2)———————–celtic mother goddess
0201 Anubis————————egyptian mortuary god
0202 Anukis————————egyptian birth goddess
0203 Anunitu———————–mesopotamian mother goddess
0204 Anunnaki———————-mesopotamian gods
0205 Anuradha———————-hindu goddess of fortune
0206 Aondo————————-west african creator god
0207 Apa—————————hindu god
0208 Apacita———————–incan guardian god
0209 Apam Napat——————–persian and hindu god of fresh water
0210 Apap————————–east african creator god
0211 Aparajita———————hindu and buddhist god
0212 Apedemak———————-sudanese war god
0213 Aphrodisias——————-turkish fertility goddess
0214 Aphrodite———————greek goddess of sexual love
0215 Apis————————–egyptian bull god
0216 Aplu————————–etruscan weather god
0217 Apo—————————incan mountain god
0218 Apollo————————greek god of hunting and healing
0219 Apsaras———————–hindu water gods
0220 Apsu————————–mesopotamian god of underground waters
0221 Aquilo————————roman weather god
0222 A’ra————————–arabian guardian god
0223 Arachne———————–roman weaving goddess
0224 Aralo————————-georgian god of agriculture
0225 Aranyani———————-hindu goddess of woodlands
0226 Arapacana———————buddhist god
0227 Arawa————————-east african moon goddess
0228 Arawn————————-celtic underworld god
0229 Aray————————–armenian war god
0230 Archons———————–gnostic christian creator gods
0231 Arcismati———————buddhist goddess
0232 Ardhanarisvara—————-hindu god
0233 Ardra————————-hindu goddess of misfortunte
0234 Arduinna———————-romano-celtic goddess of forests
0235 Arebati———————–west african creator god
0236 Areimanios——————–greek underworld god
0237 Arensnuphis——————-egyptian god
0238 Ares————————–greek god of war
0239 Ariadne———————–greek goddess of vegetation
0240 Arianrhod———————celtic earth goddess
0241 Arimanius———————roman underworld god
0242 Arinna————————hittite sun goddess
0243 Aristaios———————greek god of herdsmen
0244 Arjuna————————hindu god
0245 Arma————————–hittite moon god
0246 Armaz————————-georgian supreme god
0247 Arnakua’gsak——————eskimo god
0248 Arnemetia———————romano-celtic water goddess
0249 Arom————————–afghani god of contracts
0250 Arsan Uolai——————-siberian underworld god
0251 Arsay————————-semitic underworld goddess
0252 Arsu————————–arabian astral guardian god
0253 Artemis———————–greek goddess of animals and hunting
0254 Arthapratisamvit————–buddhist god of logical analysis
0255 Artio of Muri—————–romano-celtic fertility goddess
0256 Arundhati———————hindu astral goddess
0257 Aryaman———————–hindu sun god
0258 Arya-Tara———————buddhist goddess
0259 As—————————-egyptian fertility god
0260 Asalluha———————-mesopotamian god
0261 Asar————————–arabian god of horses
0262 Asase Yaa———————west african fertility goddess
0263 Asherah———————–semitic mother goddess
0264 Asertu————————semitic fertility goddess
0265 Ashiakle———————-west african goddess of wealth
0266 Asira————————-arabian god
0267 Asis————————–east african sun god
0268 Asklepios———————greek god of healing
0269 Aslesa————————hindu goddess of misfortune
0270 Asnan————————-mesopotamian vegetation goddess
0271 Asokottamasri—————–buddhist physican god
0272 Asopos————————greek river god
0273 Aspalis———————–semitic hunting goddess
0274 Asratum———————–semitic fertility goddess
0275 Assur————————-mesopotamian god
0276 Astabi————————hittite god
0277 Astamatara——————–8 hindu mother goddesses
0278 Astaphaios——————–gnostic christian primordial god
0279 Astar————————-ethiopian astral god
0280 Astaroth———————-semitic fertility goddess
0281 Astarte———————–semitic fertility goddess
0282 Astlik————————armenian astral goddess
0283 Astoreth———————-palestinian fertility goddess
0284 Asuha-No-Kami————-shinto guardian god of courtyards
0285 Asurakumara—————-jain gods
0286 Asuras————————hindu sky gods
0287 Asvins————————hindu healing gods
0288 Asvayujau——————-hindu goddess of fortune
0289 Ataa Naa Nyongmo——-west african creator god
0290 Ataecina——————–romano-iberian underworld goddess
0291 Atargatis———————syrian mother goddess
0292 Atarrabi———————-basque god
0293 Atarsamain——————–arabian astral god
0294 Ate—————————greek goddess of misfortune
0295 Atea————————–polynesian supreme god
0296 Aten————————–egyptian sun god
0297 Atete————————-ethiopian fertility goddess
0298 Athena————————greek goddess of war
0299 Athirat———————–semitic fertility goddess
0300 Aticandika——————–hindu goddess
0301 Atl—————————aztec creator god
0302 Atlahua———————–aztec god of lakes and fish hunters
0303 Atropos———————–greek goddess of fate
0304 Attar————————-semitic god of the morning star
0305 Attis————————-phrygian vegetation god
0306 Atua Fafine——————-polynesian creator god
0307 Atua I Kafika—————–polynesian supreme god
0308 Atua I Raropuka—————polynesian creator god
0309 Atum————————–egyptian sun god
0310 Atunis————————etruscan god
0311 Aufaniae———————-celtic mother goddesses
0312 Aurora————————roman goddess of the dawn
0313 Auseklis———————-latvian astral god
0314 Avalokitesvara—————-buddhist god
0315 Avatea————————polynesian moon god
0316 Aveta————————-romano-celtic goddess of birth
0317 Avrikiti———————-west african god of fishermen
0318 Awonawilona——————-mesoamerican creator god
0319 Axo-Mama———————-peruvian goddess of potatoes
0320 Aya—————————mesopotamian mother goddess
0321 Ayaba————————-west african hearth goddess
0322 Ayi’-Uru’n Toyo’n————-siberian creator god
0323 Ayiyanayaka——————-sri lankan plague god
0324 Ayurvasita——————–buddhist goddess
0325 Ayyappan———————-hindu god of growth
0326 Azeban————————north american god
0327 Azizos————————arabian astral guardian god
0328 Ba (1)————————chinese goddess of draught
0329 Ba (2)————————egyptian ram god
0330 Ba Xian———————–8 chinese gods
0331 Baal————————–semitic god
0332 Baal Malage——————-semitic guardian god
0333 Baal Samin——————–semitic god of rain and vegetation
0334 Baal Sapon——————–semitic guardian god
0335 Baba————————–mesopotamian fertility goddess
0336 Babi————————–egyptian malevolent god
0337 Bacabs————————4 mayan gods
0338 Bacax————————-roman god
0339 Bacchus———————–roman god of wine
0340 Badb————————–celtic war goddess
0341 Badi Mata———————hindu mother goddess
0342 Bagadjimbiri——————2 aboriginal gods
0343 Bagala————————hindu goddess
0344 Bagba————————-west african god
0345 Bagisht—————afghani god of flood waters and prosperity
0346 Bagvarti———————-armenian guardian goddess
0347 Baiame————————aboriginal creator god
0348 Bala————————–hindu mother goddess
0349 Balakrsna———————hindu god
0350 Balam————————-mayan guardian gods
0351 Balaparamita——————buddhist philosophical god
0352 Balarama———————-hindu incarnation of Vishnu
0353 Bala-Sakti——————–south indian goddess
0354 Balder————————nordic god
0355 Bali————————–hindu demonic god
0356 Baltis————————arabian goddess
0357 Bamapana———————-aboriginal god
0358 Banba————————-celtic fertility goddess
0359 Banebdjedet——————-egyptian ram god
0360 Banga————————-central african god of clear waters
0361 Bangputys———————lithuanian sea god
0362 Ba-Pef————————egyptian underworld god
0363 Baphomet———————-christian god
0364 Barastar———————-ossetian underworld god
0365 Barsamin———————-armenian sky god
0366 Basajaun———————-basque wood spirit
0367 Basamum———————–arabian god of healing
0368 Basandre———————-basque goddess
0369 Bastet————————egyptian cat goddess
0370 Bat—————————egyptian cow goddess of fertility
0371 Baubo————————-semitic mother goddess
0372 Beg-Tse———————–buddhist god of war
0373 Behanzin———————-west african fish god
0374 Beigorri———————-basque guardian god
0375 Bel—————————mesopotamian god
0376 Belatucadros——————celtic war god
0377 Belenus———————–celtic pastoral god
0378 Belet-Ili———————mesopotamian mother goddess
0379 Belet-Seri——————–mesopotamian underworld goddess
0380 Belili————————mesopotamian goddess
0381 Bella Pennu——————-hindu sun god
0382 Bellin-Bellin—————–aboriginal crow god
0383 Bellona———————–roman goddess of war
0384 Beltiya———————–mesopotamian goddess
0385 Bendis————————thracian mother goddess
0386 Benten-San——————–shinto goddess of luck
0387 Benu————————–egyptian sun god
0388 Benzozia———————-basque creator goddess
0389 Bera Pennu——————–north indian vegetation goddess
0390 Bes—————————egyptian guardian god for women in labor
0391 Betadur———————–basque god of sight
0392 Bethel————————semitic guradian god
0393 Bhadra————————hindu goddess
0394 Bhaga————————-hindu sun god
0395 Bhagavan———————-indian guardian god
0396 Bhairava———————-hindu guardian god of doorways
0397 Bhaisajyaguru—————–buddhist physician god
0398 Bharani———————–hindu goddess of misfortune
0399 Bharat Mata——————-hindu mother goddess
0400 Bharati———————–hindu goddess of sacrifices
0401 Bhavanavasi——————-jain gods
0402 Bhima————————-hindu warrior god
0403 Bhrkuti-Tara——————buddhist mother goddess
0404 Bhumi————————-12 buddhist gods
0405 Bhumi Devata——————indian vegetation goddess
0406 Bhumidevi———————hindu fertility goddess
0407 Bhumiya———————–hindu fertility god
0408 Bhutadamara——————-buddhist god
0409 Bhutamata———————hindu terrible goddess
0410 Bhuvanesvari——————hindu goddess
0411 Bia—————————greek goddess of force
0412 Bi-har————————buddhist guardian god
0413 Bildjiwuaroju—————–aboriginal creator goddess
0414 Binbeal———————–aboriginal rainbow god
0415 Birdu————————-mesopotamian underworld god
0416 Birrahgnooloo—————–aboriginal creator goddess
0417 Bishamon———————-shinto god of luck
0418 Bo Hsian———————-taoist god
0419 Boann————————-celtic river goddess
0420 Bobbi-Bobbi——————-aboriginal snake god
0421 Bodhisattva——————-buddhist gods
0422 Boldogasszony—————–hungarian guardian goddess
0423 Bolon Ti Ku——————-9 mayan underworld gods
0424 Bombay Kamayan—————-hindu disease goddess
0425 Bonchor———————–tunisian guardian god
0426 Boora Pennu——————-indian god of light
0427 Bor—————————nordic god
0428 Boreas————————greek god of the north wind
0429 Borvo————————-romano-celtic god of healing
0430 Bragi————————-nordic god of poetry
0431 Brahma————————hindu creator god
0432 Brahmani———————-hindu mother goddess
0433 Bres Macelatha—————-celtic vegetation god
0434 Brhaspati———————hindu astral god
0435 Brigantia———————romano-celtic guardian god
0436 Brigit————————celtic fertility goddess
0437 Britannia———————romano-celtic guardian goddess
0438 Buadza————————west african god of the wind
0439 Buddha————————buddhist god
0440 Buddhabodhiprabhavasita——-buddhist goddess
0441 Buddhakapala——————buddhist god
0442 Buddhalocana——————buddhist goddess
0443 Buddhi————————hindu goddess
0444 Budha————————-hindu astral god
0445 Bugid Y Aiba——————puerto rican and haitian god of war
0446 Buk—————————sudanese river goddess
0447 Buluc Chabtan—————–mayan god of war
0448 Bumba————————-south african creator god
0449 Bunbulama———————aboriginal rain goddess
0450 Buri————————–nordic god
0451 Buriyas———————–iranian war god
0452 Bunjil————————aboriginal sky god
0453 Cacoch————————mayan creator god
0454 Caelestis———————north african moon goddess
0455 Cagn————————–south african creator god
0456 Cailleach Bheur—————celtic goddess of winter
0457 Cakra————————-hindu god
0458 Cakresvari——————–jain goddess of learning
0459 Camaxtli———————-aztec god
0460 Camulos———————–celtic war god
0461 Camunda———————–hindu goddess
0462 Canda————————-hindu goddess
0463 Candali————–buddhist goddess of terrifying appearance
0464 Candamius———————romano-iberian astral god
0465 Candanayika——————-hindu goddess
0466 Candarosana——————-buddhist god
0467 Candarupa———————hindu goddess
0468 Candavati———————hindu goddess
0469 Candelifera——————-roman goddess of birth
0470 Candesvara——————–hindu god
0471 Candesvari——————–buddhist goddess
0472 Candika———————–hindu goddess of desire
0473 Candogra———————-hindu goddess
0474 Candra————————hindu planet god
0475 Candrasekhara—————–hindu god
0476 Cankilikkaruppan————–hindu god
0477 Cao Guo-jiu——————-taoist god
0478 Carcika———————–buddhist goddess
0479 Cariociecus——————-romano-iberian war god
0480 Carmentes———————roman goddess of birth
0481 Cathubodua——————–celtic war goddess
0482 Caturmurti——————–hindu god
0483 Cauri———————–buddhist god of terrifying appearance
0484 Cautha————————etruscan sun god
0485 Ce Acatl———————-aztec creator god
0486 Cenkalaniyammal—————hindu goddess
0487 Centeocihuatl—————–aztec maize goddess
0488 Ceres————————-roman mother goddess
0489 Ceridwen———————-celtic goddess of inspiration
0490 Cernunnos———————celtic fertility god
0491 Cghene————————west african creator god
0492 Chac————————–mayan rain gods
0493 Chac Uayab Xoc—————-mayan fish god
0494 Chaitanya———————hindu mendicant god
0495 Chalchiuhtlatonal————-aztec god of war
0496 Chalchiuhtlicue—————aztec water goddess
0497 Chalchiutonatiuh————–aztec god
0498 Chalchiutotolin—————aztec god of penitence
0499 Chalmecacihuilt—————aztec underworld god
0500 Chalmecatl——————–aztec underworld god
0501 Chamer————————mayan god of death
0502 Chang Fei———————chinese god of war
0503 Chuang Hs’ien—————–chinese guardian god of children
0504 Chang Tao Ling—————-taoist god of the afterlife
0505 Chantico———————-aztec hearth goddess
0506 Chaob————————-mayan wind gods
0507 Chaos————————-greco-roman primordial god
0508 Charis————————greek goddess
0509 Chattrosnisa——————buddhist god
0510 Chaya————————-hindu goddess
0511 Chi Sung Tzu——————chinese rain god
0512 Chibirias———————mayan earth goddess
0513 Chiccan———————–mayan rain gods
0514 Chicomecohuatl—————-aztec maize goddess
0515 Chicomexochitl—————-aztec god of painters
0516 Chiconahui——————–aztec hearth goddess
0517 Chiconahuiehecatl————-aztec creator god
0518 Chiconahui Itzcuintli-Chanticoaztec god of gem-makers
0519 Chikara———————–south african sky god
0520 Chimata-No-Kami—————shinto god of crossroads
0521 Chinnamastaka—————–hindu goddess
0522 Chiuke————————west african sky god
0523 Chors————————-slavic sun god
0524 Chos-Skyon——————–buddhist guardian god
0525 Chu Jung———————-chinese god of fire
0526 Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg——-mayan creator god
0527 Chung K’uei——————-taoist god of the afterlife
0528 Cihuacoatl-Quilaztli———-aztec creator goddess
0529 Cinxia————————roman goddess of marriage
0530 Cipactli———————-aztec goddess
0531 Cipactonal——————–aztec creator god
0532 Cit Chac Coh——————mayan god of war
0533 Citlalatonac——————aztec creator god
0534 Citlalicue——————–aztec creator goddess
0535 Citra————————-hindu goddess of misfortune
0536 Citrasena———————buddhist goddess
0537 Cittavasita——————-buddhist goddess
0538 Cizin————————-mayan god of death
0539 Clementia———————roman goddess
0540 Coatlicue———————aztec mother goddess
0541 Coca-Mama——————peruvian goddess of the coca plant
0542 Cocidius———————-celtic hunting goddess
0543 Cocijo————————mexican rain god
0544 Cochimetl———————aztec god of merchants and commerce
0545 Col—————————sudanese rain god
0546 Colel Cab———————mayan earth goddess
0547 Colop U Uichkin—————mayan sky god
0548 Condatis———————-celtic river god
0549 Contrebis———————romano-celtic god
0550 Corus————————-roman god of wind
0551 Coventina———————romano-celtic guardian goddess
0552 Coyolxauhqui——————aztec astral goddess
0553 Cratos————————greek god of strength
0554 Cum Hau———————mayan god of death
0555 Cunda————————-buddhist goddess
0556 Cunina————————roman goddess of infants
0557 Cybele————————roman mother goddess
0558 Dabog————————-slavic sun god
0559 Dadmunda——————–sri lankan guardian god
0560 Dagan (1)——————-mesopotamian grain and fertility god
0561 Dagan (2)——————-semitic grain and fertility god
0562 Dagan (3)———————afghani supreme god
0563 Dagda————————-celtic god
0564 Daikoku———————–shinto god of luck
0565 Daksa————————-hindu sun god
0566 Damagalnuna——————-mesopotamian mother goddess
0567 Damkina———————–mesopotmian goddess
0568 Danaparamita——————buddhist philosophical god
0569 Danu (1)———————-celtic founding goddess
0570 Danu (2)———————-hindu primordial goddess
0571 Daphne————————greek oracle goddess
0572 Daramulum———————aboriginal creator god
0573 Darawigal———————aboriginal evil god
0574 Datin————————-arabian god
0575 Daya————————–hindu goddess
0576 Decima————————roman goddess of birth
0577 Dedwen————————nubian god of riches and incense
0578 Demeter———————–greek mother goddess
0579 Dena————————–persian goddess
0580 Deng————————–sudanese sky god
0581 Dercetius———————romano-iberian mountain god
0582 Derceto———————–semitic mother goddess
0583 Deva————————–hindu god
0584 Devaki————————hindu mother goddess
0585 Devananda———————jain goddess
0586 Devapurohita——————hindu astral god
0587 Deverra———————–roman goddess of birth
0588 Devi————————–hindu goddess
0589 Dhanada———————–buddhist goddess
0590 Dhanistha———————hindu goddess of misfortune
0591 Dhanvantari——————-hindu sun god
0592 Dhara————————-hindu god
0593 Dharani (1)——————-hindu goddess
0594 Dharani (2)——————-12 buddhist gods
0595 Dharma————————hindu god of law
0596 Dharmadhatuvagisvara———-buddhist god of law
0597 Dharmakirtisagaraghosa——–buddhist physician god
0598 Dharmamegha——————-buddhist minor goddess
0599 Dharmapala——————–buddhist goddess
0600 Dharmapratisamvit———buddhist goddess of nature analysis
0601 Dharmavasita——————buddhist goddess
0602 Dharti Mata——————-hindu mother goddess
0603 Dhatar————————hindu sun god
0604 Dhisana———————–goddess of prosperity
0605 Dhrtarastra——————-buddhist god
0606 Dhrti————————-jain goddess
0607 Dhruva————————hindu astral god
0608 Dhumavati———————hindu goddess
0609 Dhumorna———————-hindu goddess
0610 Dhumravati——————–hindu goddess
0611 Dhupa————————-buddhist mother goddess
0612 Dhupatara———————buddhist goddess
0613 Dhurjati———————-hindu god
0614 Dhvajagrakeyura—————buddhist time
0615 Dhvajosnisa——————-buddhist god
0616 Dhyanaparamita—————-buddhist philosophical god
0617 Dhyanibuddha——————buddhist god
0618 Dhyanibuddhasakti————-5 buddhist goddesses
0619 Diana————————-roman goddess
0620 Diancecht———————celtic physician god
0621 Diang————————-sudanese cow goddess
0622 Dictynna———————-cretan mother goddess
0623 Didi Thakrun——————hindu plague goddess
0624 Dievs————————-latvian sky god
0625 Digambara———————buddhist goddess
0626 Dike————————–greek goddess of justice
0627 Dikkumara———————jain god
0628 Diksa————————-hindu goddess
0629 Dionysos———————-greek god of wine
0630 Dioskouroi——————–greek twin gods
0631 Dipa————————–buddhist goddess of light
0632 Dipa Tara———————buddhist goddess
0633 Dipankara———————buddhist god
0634 Dipti————————-hindu goddess
0635 Dirghadevi——————–hindu goddess
0636 Dis Pater———————roman underworld god
0637 Disa————————–hindu goddess
0638 Disani————————afghani fertility goddess
0639 Disciplina——————–roman goddess
0640 Discorida———————roman goddess of dissent
0641 Disir————————-nordic guardian goddesses
0642 Diti————————–hindu goddess
0643 Divona————————celtic fertility goddess
0644 Djila’qons——————–north american sea goddess
0645 Dogumrik———————-afghani guardian and war god
0646 Dolichenus——————–semitic weather god
0647 Dombi—————-buddhist goddess of terrifying appearance
0648 Don—————————celtic mother goddess
0649 Donar————————-germanic storm god
0650 Dongo————————-west african storm god
0651 Donn————————–celtic underworld god
0652 Doris————————-greek sea goddess
0653 Doudoun———————–nubian god of Nile cataracts
0654 Dsahadoldza——————-navaho god of earth and water
0655 Duillae———————–romano-iberian fertility goddesses
0656 Dulha Deo———————hindu god
0657 Dumuzi————————mesopotamian vegetation god
0658 Dur—————————iranian underworld god
0659 Durangama———————buddhist goddess
0660 Durga————————-hindu warrior goddess
0661 Durjaya———————–buddhist goddess
0662 Dusara————————semitic guardian god
0663 Duzhi————————-afghani god
0664 Dvipakumara——————-jain god
0665 Dyaus Pitar——————-hindu creator god
0666 Dzivaguru———————south african mother goddess
0667 E Alom————————mayan creator goddess
0668 E Quaholo———————mayan creator god
0669 Ea————————-mesopotamian god of primordial waters
0670 Eacus————————-romano-iberian weather god
0671 Eate————————–basque god of fire and storms
0672 Ebisu————————-shinto god of luck
0673 Edeke————————-east african god of disasters
0674 Edusa————————-roman god of infants
0675 Eee-A-O———————–gnostic christian primordial god
0676 Egeria————————roman fertility goddess
0677 Egres————————-finnish fertility god
0678 Ehecatl———————–aztec creator god
0679 Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl———-aztec primordial god
0680 Eileithyia——————–greek goddess of birth
0681 Eirene————————greek goddess of peace
0682 Eji Ogbe———————-west african guardian god
0683 Ek Chuah———————-mayan god of merchants
0684 Ekadasarudra——————hindu gods
0685 Ekajata———————–buddhist goddesss of good fortune
0686 Ekanetra———————-hindu god
0687 Ekarudra———————-hindu god
0688 Ekhi————————–basque sun goddess
0689 El—————————-semitic creator god
0690 Elagabal———————-syrian guardian god
0691 El’eb————————-semitic primordial god
0692 Elim————————–judaic gods
0693 Elkunirsa———————semitic creator god
0694 Ellaman———————–hindu goddess of passage
0695 Ellel————————-hittite creator god
0696 Ellil————————-mesopotamian creator god
0697 Eloai————————-gnostic christian primordial god
0698 Elohim————————judaic gods
0699 Emeli Hin———————sudanese creator god
0700 Eme’mqut———————-siberian god
0701 Emes————————–mesopotamian vegetation god
0702 Enbilulu———————-mesopotamian river god
0703 Endouellicus————-romano-iberian oracle and healing god
0704 Endursaga———————mesopotamian herald god
0705 Enki————————–mesopotamian creator god
0706 Enkimdu—————-mesopotamian god of canals and ditches
0707 Enlil————————-mesopotamian god of the air
0708 Enmesarra———————mesopotamian god of the law
0709 Ennead————————9 egyptian gods
0710 Ennugi————————mesopotamian god
0711 Enten————————-mesopotamian fertility god
0712 Enundu————————east african plague god
0713 Enzu————————–mesopotamian god
0714 Eos————————hellenized indo-european sky goddess
0715 Eostre————————anglo-saxon fertility goddess
0716 Epimetheus——————–greek and roman creator god
0717 Epona————————-celtic horse goddess
0718 Erditse———————–basque goddess of maternity
0719 Erebos————————greco-roman primordial god
0720 Ereskigal———————mesopotmian underworld goddess
0721 Erge————————–bassque god of death
0722 Erh Lang———————-chinese guardian god
0723 Erinys————————greek goddess of wrath
0724 Eris————————–greek goddess of dissent
0725 Eriu————————–celtic fertility goddess
0726 Erkilek———————–inuit hunting god
0727 Eros————————–greco-roman primordial god
0728 Erra————————–mesopotamian god of war
0729 Es—————————-siberian creator god
0730 Eshu————————–west african god
0731 Esmun————————-semitic god of healing
0732 Estsanatlehi——————navaho fertility goddess
0733 Esu—————————west african god of passage
0734 Esus————————–celtic god of war
0735 Eunomia———————–greek goddess of order
0736 Etsai————————-basque god of knowledge
0737 Euri————————–basque god of rain
0738 Euros————————-greco-roman god of the east winds
0739 Eurynome———————-greek sea goddess
0740 Fabulinus———————roman god of infants
0741 Faivarongo——————–polynesian god of mariners
0742 Faraguvol———————puerto rican and hatian god
0743 Faro————————–west african river god
0744 Fauna————————-roman vegetation goddess
0745 Faunus————————roman vegetation goddess
0746 Fe—————————-west african guardian god
0747 Fe’e————————–polynesian god of the dead
0748 Felicitas———————roman god
0749 Feng Po———————–chinese sky god
0750 Fides————————-roman god
0751 Fidi Mukullu——————central african creator god
0752 Fjorgyn———————–nordic fertility goddess
0753 Flaitheas———————celtic guardian goddess
0754 Flora————————-roman goddess of flowers
0755 Flying Spaghetti Monster——parody god
0756 Forsetti———————-nordic god
0757 Fortuna———————–roman god of good fortune
0758 Freyja————————nordic fertility goddess
0759 Freyr————————-nordic fertility god
0760 Frigg————————-nordic mother goddess
0761 Fu Shen———————–chinese god of luck
0762 Fujin————————-shinto god of winds
0763 Fukurokuju——————–shinto god of luck
0764 Fulla————————-germanic goddess
0765 Futo-Tama———————shinto god
0766 Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami———–shinto god of war
0767 Gabija————————lithuanian fire goddess
0768 Gabjauja———————-lithuanian corn goddess
0769 Gad—————————semitic god
0770 Gaganaganja——————-buddhist god
0771 Gaia————————–greek mother goddess
0772 Gajavahana——————–hindu god
0773 Gal Bapsi———————hindu god
0774 Galla————————-mesopotamian underworld gods
0775 Ganapati———————-hindu god
0776 Ganapatihrdaya—————-buddhist goddess
0777 Ganaskidi———————navaho god of harvests
0778 Gandha————————buddhist goddess
0779 Gandhari———————-jain goddess of learning
0780 Gandha Tara——————-buddhist goddess
0781 Ganesa————————hindu god of wisdom and prudence
0782 Ganga————————-hindu river goddess
0783 Gangir————————mesopotamian goddess
0784 Garmangabis——————-germanic guardian goddess
0785 Garuda————————hindu sun god
0786 Gatumdug———————-mesopotamian fertility goddess
0787 Gaueko————————basque god of darkness
0788 Gaunab————————south african god of darkness
0789 Gauri————————-hindu goddess
0790 Gauri (2)———————buddhist goddess
0791 Gauri (3)———————jain messenger goddesses
0792 Gayatri———————–hindu god
0793 Geb—————————egyptian earth god
0794 Gefjon————————germanic goddess of agriculture
0795 Genius————————roman god of men
0796 Gerra————————-mesopotamian god of fire
0797 Gestin-Ana——————–mesopotamian goddess
0798 Gestu————————-mesopotamian god of intellect
0799 Geus Tasan——————–persian cattle god
0800 Geus Urvan——————–persian cattle god
0801 Ghantakarna——————-hindu god of healing
0802 Ghantapani——————–buddhist god
0803 Ghasmari————buddhist goddess of terrifying appearance
0804 Ghentu————————hindu god
0805 Gibil————————-mesopotamian fire god
0806 Gibini————————east african plague god
0807 Gidja————————-aboriginal moon god
0808 Giltine———————–lithuanian goddess of death
0809 Gish————————–afghani god of war
0810 Giszida———————–mesopotamian god
0811 Gita————————–buddhist mother goddess
0812 Gitche Manitou—————-north american god creator
0813 Glaucus———————–roman sea god
0814 Glaukos———————–greek sea god
0815 Gleti————————-west african moon goddess
0816 Glooscap———————-north american heroic god
0817 Gobniu————————celtic god of ale-brewing
0818 Gonaqade’t——————–chilkat sea god
0819 Gon-Po Nag-Po—————–tibetan god
0820 Goraknath———————hindu guardian god
0821 Govannon———————-celtic god of skills
0822 Grahamatrka——————-buddhist goddess
0823 Gramadevata——————-indian guardian god
0824 Grannus———————–romano-celtic god of healing
0825 Gratiae———————–roman goddesses
0826 Grdhrasya———————buddhist goddess
0827 Grismadevi——————–buddhist seasonal goddess
0828 Gugulanna———————mesopotamian underworld deity
0829 Gujo————————–afghani guardian god
0830 Gukumatz———————-mayan sky god
0831 Gula————————–mesopotamian goddess of healing
0832 Gul-Ses———————–hittite goddesses of fate
0833 Gulsilia Mata—————–hindu mother goddess
0834 Gundari-Myoo——————buddhist god
0835 Gunabibi———————-aboriginal creator goddess
0836 Gunnodoyak——————–iroquois god
0837 Gunura————————mesopotamian god
0838 Gur-Gyi Mgon-Po—————buddhist god of tents
0839 Gusilim———————–mesopotamian god
0840 Gwydion———————–celtic god of war
0841 Gwynn Ap Nudd—————–celtic underworld god
0842 Ha—————————-egyptian guardian god
0843 Hachacyum———————mayan creator god
0844 Hachiman———————-shinto god of peace
0845 Hadad————————-semitic weather god
0846 Hades————————-greek god of death
0847 Hahana Ku———————mayan messenger god
0848 Hahanu————————mesopotamian god
0849 Haili’laj———————north american plague god
0850 Hakea————————-polynesian underworld goddess
0851 Hala————————–iraqi goddess of healing
0852 Halahala———————-buddhist god of poison
0853 Haldi————————-armenian guardian god
0854 Halki————————-hittite corn god
0855 Hamadryades——————-greco-roman tree goddesses
0856 Hamavehae———————3 romano-celtic mother goddesses
0857 Hammon————————libyan god of the evening sun
0858 Hammu Mata——————–hindu mother goddess
0859 Han Xiang-zi——————taoist god
0860 Hani————————–mesopotamian god
0861 Hani-Yasu-Hiko—————-shinto god of potters
0862 Hani-Yasu-Hime—————-shinto god of potters
0863 Hannahannas——————-hittite mother goddess
0864 Hansa————————-hindu avatar of Vishnu
0865 Hanui-o-Rangi—————–polynesian god of winds and weather
0866 Hanuman———————–hindu monkey god
0867 Hao—————————ethiopian creator god
0868 Hapy————————–egyptian fertility god
0869 Hara————————–hindu god
0870 Hara Ke—————–west african goddess of sweet water
0871 Harakhti———————-egyptian god
0872 Hara-Yama-Tsu-Mi————–shinto mountain god
0873 Hardaul———————–hindu plague god
0874 Harendotes——————–egyptian god
0875 Hari————————–hindu god
0876 Hariti————————hindu mother goddess
0877 Hariti (2)——————–buddhist plague goddess
0878 Harmachis———————egyptian god
0879 Harmonia———————-greco-roman goddess of joining
0880 Haroeris———————-egyptian god
0881 Harpina———————–greek river goddess
0882 Harpokrates——————-egyptian god
0883 Harsa————————-hindu goddess
0884 Harsiese———————-egyptian god
0885 Harsomtus———————egyptian god
0886 Hasameli———————-hittite god of metalworkers
0887 Hasta————————-hindu goddess of fortune
0888 Hastehogan——————–navaho house god
0889 Hastsbaka———————navaho god
0890 Hastsebaad——————–navaho goddess
0891 Hastseltsi——————–navaho god of racing
0892 Hastseoltoi——————-navaho goddess of hunting
0893 Hastseyalti——————-navaho god
0894 Hastsezini——————–navaho god of fire
0895 Hatdastsisi——————-navaho god
0896 Hathor————————egyptian goddess of love
0897 Hatmehyt———————-egyptian fertility goddess
0898 Hatthi————————hindu plague goddess
0899 Haubas————————arabian god
0900 Hauhet————————egyptian primordial goddess
0901 Haukim————————arabian god
0902 Haumea————————hawaiian mother goddess
0903 Haumiatiketike—————-polynesian vegetation god
0904 Haurun————————semitic earth god
0905 Hayagriva (1)—————–hindu god
0906 Hayagriva (2)—————–buddhist god of horses
0907 Haya-Ji———————–shinto god of winds
0908 Hayasum———————–mesopotamian god
0909 Hayasya———————–hindu horse god
0910 Hazzi————————-hittite mountain god
0911 He Xian-gu——————–taoist god
0912 He Zur————————egyptian baboon god
0913 Hebat————————-hittite mother goddess
0914 Hebe————————–greek goddess of youth
0915 Hegemone———————-greek god
0916 Heh—————————egyptian primordial god
0917 Heimdall———————-nordic guardian god
0918 Hekate—————-greek goddess of the moon and pathways
0919 Heket————————-egyptian frog goddess
0920 Hel—————————germanic underworld goddess
0921 Helen————————-greek goddess
0922 Helios————————greek sun god
0923 Hemantadevi——————-buddhist goddess of winter
0924 Hendursaga——————–mesopotamian god of law
0925 Hephaistos—————-greco-roman god of fire and smithies
0926 Hera————————–greek goddess
0927 Herakles———————-greek god
0928 Hercules———————-roman god
0929 Herensugue——————–basque seven-headed snake god
0930 Heret-Kau———————egyptian underworld goddess
0931 Hermaphroditos—————-greek god/goddess
0932 Hermes————————greek messenger god
0933 Hermod————————nordic messenger god
0934 Hermus————————roman river god
0935 Herne————————-celtic underworld god
0936 Heros————————-thracian underworld god
0937 Heruka————————buddhist god
0938 Herysaf———————–egyptian god
0939 Hesat————————-egyptian goddess of birth
0940 Hestia————————egyptian goddess of birth
0941 Hetepes-Sekhus—————-egyptian underworld goddess
0942 Hevajira———————-buddhist god
0943 Hexchuchan——————–mayan god of war
0944 Hi’aika———————–hawaiian goddess
0945 Hi-Hiya-Hi——————–shinto sun god
0946 Hiisi————————-finnish tree god
0947 Hikoboshi———————shinto astral god
0948 Hiko-Sashiri-No-Kami———-shinto god of carpenters
0949 Hilal————————-arabian moon god
0950 Hi’lina———————–north american god
0951 Himavan———————–hindu mountain god
0952 Himerus———————–greco-roman god of desire
0953 Hina————————–polynesian moon goddess
0954 Hina-Uri———————-polynesian moon goddess
0955 Hine-Ahu-One——————polynesian goddess
0956 Hine-Ata-Uira—————–polynesian goddess of light
0957 Hine-Nui-Te-Po—————-polynesian underworld goddess
0958 Hinglaj———————–hindu mother goddess
0959 Hinkon————————siberian hunting god
0960 Hi-No-Kagu-Tsuchi————-shinto fire god
0961 Hiranyagarbha—————–hindu creator god
0962 Hiruko————————shinto sun god
0963 Hittavainen——————-finnish hunting god
0964 Hlothyn———————–nordic goddess
0965 Hoder————————-nordic blind god
0966 Hoenir————————nordic god
0967 Hokushin-O-Kami—————shinto astral god
0968 Ho-Musubi-No-Kami————-shinto fire god
0969 Ho-No-Kagu-Tsuchi-No-Kami—–shinto fire god
0970 Honus————————-roman god of military honors
0971 Ho-Po————————-taoist river god
0972 Horagalles——————–lappish weather god
0973 Horkos————————greek god of oaths
0974 Horus————————-egyptian sky god
0975 Hotei————————-shinto god of luck
0976 Hotr————————–hindu goddess of sacrifices
0977 Hours————————-12 egyptian underworld goddesses
0978 Hrsikesa———————-hindu god
0979 Hsi Wang Mu——————-taoist goddess of longevity
0980 Hu—————————-egyptian god
0981 Huaca————————-incan god
0982 Huanacauri——————–incan guardian god
0983 Huang Ti———————-chinese astral god
0984 Hubal————————-arabian oracle god
0985 Huban————————-iranian guardian god
0986 Huehuecoyotl——————aztec god of sexual lust
0987 Huehuecoyotl-Coyotlinahual—-aztec god of feather workers
0988 Huehuetotl——————–aztec god of fire
0989 Huitzilpochtli—————-aztec sun god
0990 Huixtocihuatl—————–aztec goddess of salt-makers
0991 Hun Hunapu——————–mayan creator god
0992 Hunab Ku———————-mayan creator god
0993 Hunapu————————mayan creator god
0994 Hung Sheng——————–chinese guardian god
0995 Hunhau————————mayan god of death
0996 Hurabtil———————-iranian god
0997 Huracan———————–mayan creator god
0998 Huvi————————–west african god of hunting
0999 Hyakinthos——————–greek god of vegetation
1000 Hygieia———————–greek goddess of health
1001 Hymenaios———————greco-roman god of marriage
1002 Hyperion———————-greek god of primordial light
1003 Hypnos————————greek god of sleep
1004 Hypsistos———————greco-roman guardian god
1005 Ialonus———————–romano-celtic god of meadows
1006 Iapetos———————–greek god
1007 Icauna————————romano-celtic river goddess
1008 Icci————————–siberian gods
1009 Iccovellauna——————celtic water goddess
1010 Idunn————————-nordic god
1011 Ifa—————————west african god of wisdom
1012 Ifru————————–roman god
1013 Igalilik———————-inuit hunting god
1014 Igigi————————-mesopotamian sky gods
1015 Ignerssuak——————–inuit sea god
1016 Ih P’en———————–mayan fertility god
1017 Ihoiho————————polynesian creator god
1018 Ihy—————————egyptian god of music
1019 Ikal Ahau———————mayan god of death
1020 Ikatere———————–polynesian fish god
1021 Ikenga————————west african god of fortune
1022 Iksvaku———————–hindu creator god
1023 Iku-Ikasuchi-No-Kami———-shinto god of thunder
1024 Il—————————-canaanite creator god
1025 Ila—————————hindu goddess of sacrifices
1026 Ilaalge———————–semitic god
1027 Ilabrat———————–mesopotamian god
1028 Ilat————————–east african rain god
1029 Ilazki————————basque goddess
1030 I’lena————————siberian goddess
1031 Ilmarinen———————finnish sky god
1032 Ilmatar———————–finnish creator god
1033 Ilyapa————————incan weather god
1034 Im—————————-mesopotamian sky god
1035 Imana————————-east african creator god
1036 Imiut————————-egyptian god
1037 Immap Ukua——————–inuit sea goddess
1038 Immat————————-afghani evil god
1039 Imporcitor——————–roman god of agriculture
1040 Imra————————–afghani creator god
1041 Ina’hitelan——————-siberian guardian god
1042 Inana————————-mesopotamian goddess of fertility and war
1043 Inara————————-hittite minor goddess
1044 Inari————————-shinto god of foodstuffs
1045 Inazuma———————–shinto goddess of lightning
1046 Indr————————–afghani guardian and weather god
1047 Indra————————-hindu weather god
1048 Indrani———————–hindu goddess of wrath
1049 Indukari———————-hindu goddess
1050 Ing—————————anglo-saxon god
1051 Inguma————————basque god of strangling
1052 Inkanyamba——————–south african storm god
1053 Inmar————————-finno-ugric sky god
1054 Inmutef———————–egyptian god
1055 Insitor———————–roman god of agriculture
1056 Intal————————-aztec god of fire
1057 Intercidona——————-roman goddess of birth
1058 Inti————————–incan sun god
1059 Invisible Pink Unicorn——–parody god
1060 Io—————————-maori supreme god
1061 Iord————————–nordic earth goddess
1062 Ipalnemoani——————-aztec creator god
1063 Ipy—————————egyptian mother goddess
1064 Iris————————–greek and roman messenger goddess
1065 Irmin————————-germanic war god
1066 Iruva————————-african sun god
1067 Isa (1)———————–hindu god
1068 Isa (2)———————–buddhist guardian god
1069 Isa (3)———————–west african river goddess
1070 Isara————————-mesopotamian goddess of marriage
1071 Isdes————————-egyptian god of death
1072 Ishi-Kori-Dome—————-shinto god of stone cutters
1073 Isimud————————mesopotamian messenger god
1074 Isis————————–egyptian mother goddess
1075 Ishkur————————mesopotamian storm god
1076 Issaki————————hindu goddess
1077 Istadevata——————–hindu god
1078 Istadevata (2)—————-buddhist guardian god
1079 Istanu————————hittite sun god
1080 Ishtar————————mesopotamian goddess of fertility and war
1081 Istaran———————–mesopotamian god
1082 Isten————————-hungarian creator god
1083 Isum————————–mesopotamian god
1084 Isvara————————hindu god
1085 Itsaso————————basque sea god
1086 Itonde————————central african god of death
1087 Itzam Cab———————mayan earth god
1088 Itzam Na———————-mayan creator god
1089 Itzcuintli——————–aztec goddess of hearths
1090 Itzpapalotl——————-aztec mother goddess
1091 Itzpapalotl-Itzcueye———-aztec minor mother goddess
1092 Itztapal Totec—————-aztec fertility god
1093 Itztli————————aztec god of justice
1094 Iunones———————–greco-roman goddess of femininity
1095 Iusaas————————egyptian creator goddess
1096 Iuturna———————–roman goddess of springs and wells
1097 Ix Chebel Yax—————–mayan mother goddess
1098 Ix Chel———————–mayan moon goddess
1099 Ix Kanan———————-mayan vegetation goddess
1100 Ix Zacal Nok——————mayan creator goddess
1101 Ixcozauhqui——————-aztec god of fire
1102 Ixnextli———————-aztec goddess of weavers
1103 Ixpuztec———————-aztec underworld god
1104 Ixquimilli-Itzlacoliuhqui—–aztec god of justice
1105 Ixtab————————-mayan goddess
1106 Ixtlilton———————aztec god of sexual lust
1107 Izanagi-No-Kami—————shinto creator god
1108 Izanami-No-Kami—————shinto creator goddess
1109 Izquitecatl——————-aztec fertility god
1110 Jabru————————-iranian sky god
1111 Jagannath———————hindu god
1112 Jagaubis———————-lithuanian fire god
1113 Jakomba———————–central african god of morality
1114 Jalinprabha——————-buddhist god
1115 Jambhala———————-buddhist god
1116 Janguli———————–buddhist snake goddess
1117 Janus————————-roman god of passage
1118 Jarri————————-hittite plague god
1119 Jayakara———————-buddhist god
1120 Jayanta———————–hindu god
1121 Jayatara———————-buddhist goddess
1122 Jaya-Vijaya——————-hindu twin goddesses
1123 Jnanadakini——————-buddhist goddess
1124 Jnanaparamita—————–buddhist philosophical god
1125 Jnanavasita——————-buddhist goddess
1126 Jok—————————african creator god
1127 Jokinam———————–east african lake god
1128 Jumis————————-latvian fertility god
1129 John Frum———————south pacific god
1130 Juno————————–roman god
1131 Junrojin———————-shinto god of luck
1132 Jupiter———————–roman god
1133 Juventas———————-roman goddess of youth
1134 Jvaraharisvara—————-hindu plague god
1135 Jyestha———————–hindu goddess of misfortune
1136 Ka Tyeleo———————west african creator god
1137 Kabeiroi———————-greek blacksmith gods
1138 Kabta————————-mesopotamian god of artisans
1139 Kabrakan———————-mayan earthquake god
1140 Ka’cak————————siberian sea god
1141 Kacchapesvara—————–hindu god
1142 Kades————————-canaanite fertility goddess
1143 Kadru————————-hindu goddess
1144 Kagu-Tsuchi-No-Kami———–shinto fire god
1145 Kahilan———————–arabian guardian god
1146 Kahukura———————-polynesian god of agriculture
1147 Kai Yum———————–mayan god of music
1148 Kaikara———————–east african harvest goddess
1149 Kakaku————————shinto river god
1150 Kakasya———————–buddhist goddess
1151 Kakka————————-mesopotamian god
1152 Kakupacat———————mayan war god
1153 Kala————————–hindu god of death
1154 Kala-Bhadra——————-hindu goddess of death
1155 Kalacakra———————buddhist guardian god
1156 Kaladuti———————-buddhist goddess
1157 Kalavikarnika—————–hindu fever goddess
1158 Kali (1)———————-hindu goddess of destruction
1159 Kali (2)———————-jain goddess of learning
1160 Kaligni-Rudra—————–hindu god
1161 Kalika (1)——————–buddhist goddess
1162 Kalika (2)——————–hindu goddess
1163 Kalisia———————–pygmy creator god
1164 Kaliya————————hindu god
1165 Kalki————————-hindu horse god
1166 Kalligeneia——————-greek birth goddess
1167 Kallin Kallin—————–aboriginal god
1168 Kaltesh———————–siberian fertility goddess
1169 Kalunga———————–ndonga creator god
1170 Kama————————–hindu god of carnal love
1171 Kamado-No-Kami—————-shinto household god
1172 Kama-Gami———————shinto god of potters
1173 Kamaksi———————–south indian goddess
1174 Kamala————————hindu goddess
1175 Kamalasana——————–hindu god
1176 Kamantakamurti—————-hindu god
1177 Kami-Musubi-No-Kami———–shinto creator god
1178 Kamini————————buddhist goddess
1179 Kamo-Wake-Ikazuchi————shinto rain god
1180 Kamrusepa———————hittite goddess of healing
1181 Kana-Yama-Biko-No-Kami——–shinto god of miners
1182 Kana-Yama-Hime-No-Kami——–shinto god of miners
1183 Kane————————–polynesian god of light
1184 Kangalogba——————–east african primordial god
1185 Kankala———————–hindu god
1186 Kankar Mata——————-hindu mother goddess
1187 Kantatman———————hindu god of medicine
1188 Kanti————————-hindu goddess
1189 Kapali————————hindu god
1190 Kapalini———————-buddhist goddess
1191 Karaikkal Ammaiyar————hindu mother goddess
1192 Karai-Shin——————–buddhist god of lightning
1193 Karini————————buddhist goddess
1194 Karkota———————–hindu snake god
1195 Karmavasita——————-buddhist goddess
1196 Karta————————-latvian goddess of destiny
1197 Karttikeya——————–hindu god
1198 Karttiki———————-hindu mother goddess
1199 Kasku————————-hittite moon god
1200 Kasyapa———————–hindu primordial god
1201 Katajalina——————–aboriginal god
1202 Kataragama——————–south indian guardian god
1203 Katavul———————–south indian supreme god
1204 Katyayani———————hindu goddess
1205 Kauket————————egyptian primordial goddess
1206 Kaumari———————–hindu mother goddess
1207 Kaumudi———————–hindu goddess of the light of the moon
1208 Kavra’nna———————siberian sun god
1209 Kawa-No-Kami——————shinto god of rivers
1210 Kazyoba———————–east african sun god
1211 Keawe————————-hawaiian creator god
1212 Kebechet———————-egyptian snake goddess
1213 Kek—————————egyptian primordial god
1214 Kemos————————-moabite guardian god
1215 Kere’tkun———————siberian sea god
1216 Kesava————————hindu god
1217 Kesini————————buddhist goddess
1218 Ketua————————-central african god of fortune
1219 Khadir————————north african vegetation god
1220 Khandoba———————-hindu god
1221 Khasa————————-hindu goddess
1222 Khasaparna——————–buddhist god
1223 Khen-Ma———————–buddhist goddess
1224 Khen-Pa———————–buddhist god
1225 Kherty————————egyptian earth god
1226 Khipa————————-hittite guardian god
1227 Khnum————————-egyptian earth god
1228 Khon-Ma———————–tibetan goddess
1229 Khons————————-egyptian moon god
1230 Khyung-Gai mGo-Can————buddhist god
1231 Ki—————————-mesopotamian god
1232 Kianda————————south african god of the sea
1233 Kibuka————————east african god of war
1234 Kini’je———————–siberian sky god
1235 Kinnar————————semitic musician god
1236 Kinyras———————–greek god of metalwork
1237 Kirti————————-hindu goddess
1238 Kisar————————-mesopotamian primordial goddess
1239 Kitanitowit——————-north american creator god
1240 Kiya’rnarak——————-inuit supreme god
1241 Klehanoai———————navaho moon god
1242 Klotho————————greek goddess of spinning
1243 Kokopelli———————north american fertility god
1244 Kollapura-Mahalaksmi———-hindu goddess
1245 Kondos————————finnish god of cereal crops
1246 Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime-No-Kami-shinto mountain goddess
1247 Kore————————–greek goddess of corn
1248 Korravai———————-south indian war goddess
1249 Kotar————————-semitic blacksmith god
1250 Kotisri———————–buddhist mother goddess
1251 Koto-Shiro-Nushi————–shinto god of luck
1252 Kouretes———————-greek forest gods
1253 Kourotrophos——————greek wet-nurse goddess
1254 Koyote————————north american guardian god
1255 Kratos————————greek god of strength
1256 Kronos————————pre-greek fertility god
1257 Krishna———————–hindu god
1258 Krsodari———————-hindu goddess
1259 Krttika———————–hindu goddess of fortune
1260 Ksama————————-hindu goddess
1261 Ksantiparamita—————-buddhist philosophical god
1262 Ksetrapala——————–hindu god of passage
1263 Kshumai———————–afghani fertility goddess
1264 Ksitigarbha——————-buddhist goddess
1265 Ku—————————-polynesian primordial god
1266 Kuan Ti———————–taoist god of war
1267 Kuan Yin———————-taoist goddess
1268 Kubaba————————analtolian mother goddess
1269 Kubera————————hindu god of riches
1270 Kubjika———————–hindu goddess of writing
1271 Kucumatz———————-mayan supreme god
1272 Kuei Shing——————–chinese god of literature
1273 Kuju————————–siberian sky god
1274 Kuklikimoku——————-polynesian god of war
1275 Kukulcan———————-mayan creator god
1276 Kuku-Toshi-No-Kami————shinto god of grain
1277 Kuladevata——————–hindu family god
1278 Kuladevi———————-hindu goddess
1279 Kulika————————hindu snake god
1280 Kulisankusa——————-jain goddess of learning
1281 Kulisesvari——————-buddhist goddess
1282 Kulla————————-mesopotamian god of builders
1283 Kumari————————hindu goddess
1284 Kumarbi———————–hittite creator god
1285 Kumokums———————-north american creator god
1286 Kundao-No-Kami—————-shinto guardian god
1287 Kundalini———————aztec mother goddess
1288 Ku’nkunxuliga—————–north american god
1289 Kun-Rig———————–buddhist god
1290 Kuntu bXan Po—————–tibetan god
1291 Kura-Okami-No-Kami————shinto rain god
1292 Kurdaligon——————–ossetian god of smiths
1293 Kurma————————-hindu god
1294 Kurukulla———————hindu goddess of love
1295 Kus—————————mesopotamian god of herdsmen
1296 Kushi-Dama-Nigi-Haya-Hi——-shinto sun god
1297 Kushi-Iwa-Mado-No-Mikoto——shinto guardian god
1298 Kusuh————————-hittite moon god
1299 Kutji————————-aboriginal gods
1300 Kutkhu————————siberian guardian god
1301 Ku’urkil———————-siberian god
1302 Kvasir————————nordic god of wisdom
1303 Kwannon———————–buddhist god
1304 Kwoth————————-sudanese creator god
1305 Kybele————————phrygian mother goddess
1306 Kyumbe————————east african creator god
1307 Lachesis———————-greek goddess of lot-casting
1308 Lactanus———————-roman god of agriculture
1309 Laghusyamala——————hindu goddess
1310 Lahamu————————mesopotamian primordial god
1311 Lahar————————-mesopotamian god of cattle
1312 Lahmu————————-mesopotamian primordial god
1313 Laima————————-latvian goddess of fate
1314 Laka————————–polynesian goddess of dancing
1315 Laksmana———————-hindu god
1316 Laksmi————————hindu goddess
1317 Lalaia’il———————north american god of shamans
1318 Lamaria———————–svan guardian goddess
1319 Lamia————————-basque water goddesses
1320 Lan Cai-he——————–taoist god
1321 Lao-Tsze———————-taoist god
1322 Lar Familiaris—————-roman god
1323 Laran————————-etruscan god of war
1324 Lares————————-roman hearth gods
1325 Larunda———————–sabine goddess
1326 Lasya————————-buddhist mother goddess
1327 Latipan———————–canaanite creator god
1328 Lau—————————andman islands gods
1329 Lauka Mate——————–goddess of agriculture
1330 Laukika-Devatas—————hindu gods
1331 Laverna———————–italic underworld goddess
1332 Lebien-Pogil——————siberian god
1333 Legba————————-west african god of fate
1334 Lei Kung———————-taoist god of thunder
1335 Lelwani———————–hittite underworld goddess
1336 Lendix-Tcux——————-north american guardian god
1337 Lenus————————-celtic god of healing
1338 Lesa————————–south african creator god
1339 Leto————————–greek mother goddess
1340 Leukothea———————greco-roman sea goddess
1341 Lha—————————tibetan gods
1342 Lha-Mo————————buddhist goddess
1343 Li Tie-guai——————-taoist god
1344 Lianja————————central african god
1345 Libanza———————–central african creator god
1346 Liber————————-mesopotamian goddess of desolation
1347 Liluri————————semitic mountain goddess
1348 Linga————————-hindu god
1349 Lir—————————celtic god
1350 Lisa————————–west african creator god
1351 Liu Pei———————–taoist god
1352 Llew Llaw Gyffes————–celtic god
1353 Loa—————————puerto rican and hatian gods
1354 Loba————————–west african sun god
1355 Locana————————buddhist goddess
1356 Lo’cin-coro’mo—————-siberian hearth god
1357 Lo’cin-po’gil—————–siberian fire god
1358 Lodur————————-germanic creator god
1359 Logos————————-greek god of reason
1360 Lokapala———————-hindu and buddhist guardian gods
1361 Lokesvara———————buddhist gods
1362 Loki————————–nordic god
1363 Loko————————–west african god of trees
1364 Lomo————————–central african goddess of peace
1365 Lono————————–polynesian primordial god
1366 Lothur————————god of physical senses
1367 Lu Dong-bin——————-taoist god
1368 Lu Pan————————chinese god of artisans
1369 Lubanga———————–east african god of health
1370 Lubangala———————central african rainbow god
1371 Lucina————————roman goddess of birth
1372 Lug—————————celtic god of skills
1373 Lugal-Irra——————–mesopotamian underworld god
1374 Lulal————————-mesopotamian god
1375 Luna————————–roman moon goddess
1376 Lunang————————afghani river goddess
1377 Lupercus———————-roman god of wolves
1378 Lur—————————basque earth goddess
1379 Ma—————————-anatolian fertility goddess
1380 Ma Kiela———————-central african god
1381 Maat————————–egyptian goddess
1382 Mabon————————-celtic god of youth
1383 Macha————————-celtic fertility goddess
1384 Madhukara———————buddhist god
1385 Maeve————————-celtic goddess
1386 Mafdet————————egyptian goddess
1387 Magha————————-hindu goddess of fortune
1388 Mah—————————persian moon god
1389 Mahabala———————-buddhist god
1390 Mahabja———————–hindu snake god
1391 Mahacinatara——————buddhist goddess
1392 Mahadeva———————-hindu god
1393 Maha-Ganapati—————–hindu elephant god
1394 Mahakala———————-hindu god
1395 Mahakali———————-jain goddess of learning
1396 Mahakapi———————-buddhist god
1397 Mahamanasika——————jain goddess of learning
1398 Mahamantranusarini————buddhist guardian goddess
1399 Mahamataras——————-hindu goddesses
1400 Mahamayuri——————–buddhist goddess
1401 Mahanaga———————-hindu snake god
1402 Mahapadma———————hindu snake god
1403 Mahaparinirvanamurti———-buddhist god
1404 Mahaprabhu——————–indian guardian god
1405 Mahapratisara—————–buddhist guardian goddess
1406 Mahapratyangira—————buddhist goddess
1407 Maharaksa———————buddhist guradian goddesses
1408 Maharatri———————hindu goddess
1409 Mahasahaspramardani———–buddhist goddess
1410 Maha-Sarasvati (1)————hindu goddess
1411 Maha-Sarasvati (2)————buddhist goddess
1412 Mahasitavati——————buddhist guardian goddess
1413 Mahasri-Tars——————buddhist goddess
1414 Mahasthamaprapta————–buddhist god
1415 Mahavidya———————10 buddhist goddesses
1416 Mahayasa———————-buddhist goddess
1417 Maheo————————-cheyenne creator god
1418 Mahes————————-egyptian sun god
1419 Mahesvari———————hindu mother goddess
1420 Mahi————————–hindu goddess of sacrifice
1421 Mahisa————————hindu demonic god
1422 Mahisasuramardini————-hindu goddess
1423 Mahodadhi———————buddhist goddess
1424 Mahrem————————ethiopic warrior god
1425 Mahuikez———————-polynesian fire god
1426 Maia————————–greco-roman earth goddess
1427 Maitreya———————-buddhist god
1428 Majas Gars——————–latvian household god
1429 Maju————————–basque god
1430 Make Make———————polynesian sea god
1431 Mal—————————dravidian creator god
1432 Mala————————–buddhist mother goddess
1433 Malakbel———————-arabian vegetation god
1434 Malamanganga’e—————-polynesian creator being
1435 Malamangangaifo—————polynesian creator god
1436 Malhal Mata——————-hindu mother goddess
1437 Malik————————-arabian guardian god
1438 Malsumis———————-north american god
1439 Mam—————————mayan god of evil
1440 Mama Qoca———————incan goddess of the ocean
1441 Mamaki————————buddhist goddess
1442 Mama-Kilya——————–incan moon goddess
1443 Mami————————–mesopotamian mother goddess
1444 Mamitu————————mesopotamian goddess of oaths and treatises
1445 Mamlambo———————-zulu river goddess
1446 Manannan———————-celtic sea god
1447 Manasa————————hindu snake goddess
1448 Manasi————————jain goddess of learning
1449 Manat————————-arabian goddess
1450 Manavi————————jain goddess of learning
1451 Manawat———————–semitic goddess of destiny
1452 Manawyddan——————–celtic sea god
1453 sMan-Bla———————-buddhist god
1454 Mandah————————arabian gods
1455 Mandanu———————–mesopotamian god of divine judgment
1456 Mandhata———————-hindu god
1457 Mandulis———————-nubian sun god
1458 Manes————————-roman hearth gods
1459 Mangala———————–hindu astral god
1460 Mani————————–germanic moon god
1461 Manidhara———————buddhist god
1462 Manito————————ojibwa creator god
1463 Manitu————————algonquin indian creator god
1464 Manjughosa——————–buddhist god
1465 Manjusri———————-buddhist god
1466 Manmatha———————-dravidian god of carnal love
1467 Manohel-Tohel—————–mayan creator god
1468 Manu————————–hindu primordial creator god
1469 Manungal———————-mesopotamian underworld god
1470 Maponos———————–celtic tribal god
1471 Mara (1)———————-buddhist god
1472 Mara (2)———————-hindu god
1473 Marama————————polynesian moon goddess
1474 Maramalik———————afghani underworld god
1475 Marduk————————mesopotamian chief god
1476 Mari (1)———————-buddhist god of literature
1477 Mari (2)———————-basque supreme mother goddess
1478 Mari Mai———————-hindu plague goddess
1479 Marici (1)——————–buddhist astral goddess
1480 Marici (2)——————–hindu god
1481 Mariyamman——————–dravidian plague goddess
1482 Marnas————————arabian guardian god
1483 Marruni———————–melanisan god of earthquakes
1484 Mars————————–roman god of war
1485 Martu————————-mesopotamian guardian god
1486 Maru————————–mesopotamian guardian god
1487 Marutgana———————hindu storm gods
1488 Mata————————–hindu mother goddess
1489 Matara————————hindu mother goddess
1490 Matarisvan——————–hindu messenger god
1491 Mater Matuta——————italic sky goddess
1492 Matlalcueye——————-aztec fertility goddess
1493 Matres————————romano-celtic god
1494 Matsuo————————shinto god of sake brewers
1495 Matsya————————hindu god
1496 Maturaiviran——————hindu god
1497 Maui————————–polynesian guardian god
1498 Mawu————————–west african moon goddess
1499 Maya————————–buddhist mother goddess
1500 Mayahuel———————-aztec fertility goddess
1501 Mayajalakrama-Kurukulla——-buddhist goddess
1502 Mayin————————-siberian supreme god
1503 Mayon————————-dravidian creator god
1504 Ma-zu————————-chinese sea goddess
1505 Mbomba————————central african creator god
1506 Mbombe————————central african mother goddess
1507 Mbongo————————central african river god
1508 Mbotumbo———————-buale creator god
1509 Medeine———————–latvian woodland goddess
1510 Medha————————-buddhist goddess
1511 Meditrina———————roman goddess of healing
1512 Meghanada———————hindu god
1513 Mehen————————-egyptian underworld god
1514 Meher————————-armenian sun god
1515 Mehet-Weret——————-egyptian goddess
1516 Mellonia———————-roman goddess of bees
1517 Melqart———————–phoenician heroic god
1518 Me’mdeye-Eci’e—————-siberian fire god
1519 Men—————————phrygian moon god
1520 Men Ascaenus——————antiochian guardian god
1521 Men Shen———————-chinese god of passage
1522 Mena————————–hindu mountain goddess
1523 Menechen———————-indian supreme god
1524 Meness————————latvian moon god
1525 Menulis———————–lithuanian moon god
1526 Menzabac———————-mayan weather god
1527 Mercurius———————roman messenger god
1528 Meretseger——————–egyptian underworld goddess
1529 Mes An Du———————mesopotamian god
1530 Mes Lam Taea——————mesopotamian god of war
1531 Messor————————roman god of agriculture
1532 Meter————————-greek mother goddess
1533 Metis————————-greek goddess of wisdom
1534 Metsaka———————–indian moon goddess
1535 Metztli———————–aztec moon god
1536 Mexitli———————–aztec god of war
1537 Mhalsa————————hindu goddess
1538 Micapetlacoli—————–aztec underworld goddess
1539 Michi-No-Kami—————–3 shinto gods of passage
1540 Mictecacihuatl—————-aztec underworld god
1541 Mictlantecuhtli—————mexican creator god
1542 Midir————————-celtic god
1543 Mihos————————-egyptian lion god
1544 Mika-Hiya-Hi——————shinto sun god
1545 Mikal————————-semitic local god
1546 Mi-Kura-Tana-No-Kami———-shinto house god
1547 Milkastart——————–semitic guardian god
1548 Milkom————————semitic guardian god
1549 Mi-Lo Fo———————-buddhist god
1550 Mimir————————-nordic god of wisdom and inspiration
1551 Min—————————egyptian fertility god
1552 Minaksi———————–hindu fish goddess
1553 Minato-No-Kami—————-shinto god of river mouths and estuaries
1554 Minerva———————–roman goddess of war
1555 Minos————————-greco-roman underworld god
1556 Mirsa————————-caucasus god of light
1557 Mithra————————persian god of the upper air
1558 Mithras———————–greco-roman god of soldiers
1559 Miti————————–siberian maternal goddess
1560 Mi-Toshi-No-Kami————–shinto agricultural god
1561 Mitra————————-hindu sun god
1562 Mi-Wi-No-Kami—————–shinto god of wells
1563 Mixcoatl-Camaxtli————-aztec god of war
1564 Mizu-Ha-No-Me—————–shinto water goddess
1565 Mkulumncandi——————swazi creator god
1566 Mlentengamunye—————-swazi messenger god
1567 Mlk-Amuklos——————-semitic heroic god
1568 Mnemosyne———————greek goddess of memory
1569 Moccus————————romano-celtic pig god
1570 Modimo————————south african universal god
1571 Modron————————celtic goddess
1572 Mogounos———————-romano-celtic tribal god
1573 Mohini————————hindu god
1574 Moirai————————greek goddesses
1575 Mokos————————-slavonic fertility
1576 Molek————————-semitic god
1577 Moma————————–south american creator god
1578 Mombo Wa Ndhlopfu————-south african guardian god
1579 Mon—————————afghani hero god
1580 Moneta————————roman goddess of prosperity
1581 Montu————————-egyptian god of war
1582 Mor—————————celtic sun goddess
1583 Morpheus———————-greek god of dreams
1584 Morrigan———-celtic goddess of war, fertility, and vegetation
1585 Mors————————–roman god of death
1586 Morta————————-roman goddess of death
1587 Morva————————-andaman islands sky gods
1588 Morvran———————–celtic god of war
1589 Mot—————————canaanite god of adversity
1590 Moyocoyani——————–aztec god of universal power
1591 Mratna’irgin——————siberian god of the dawn
1592 Mrgasiras———————hindu goddess of fortune
1593 Mu Gong———————–taoist god of immortality
1594 Muati————————-mesopotamian god
1595 dMu-bDud Kam-Po Sa-Zan——–tibetan sky god
1596 Mucalinda———————buddhist guardian god
1597 Mugasa————————central african sky god
1598 Mugizi————————east african lake god
1599 Muhingo———————–east african god of war
1600 Mujaji————————south african rain goddess
1601 Mukasa————————east african supreme god
1602 Mula————————–hindu goddess of fortune
1603 Mulindwa———————-east african guardian goddess
1604 Mulliltu———————-mesopotamian goddess
1605 Mullo————————-romano-celtic mule god
1606 Munakata-No-Kami————–shinto sea gods
1607 Mungan Ngour——————aboriginal creator god
1608 Mungu————————-swahili creator god
1609 Munisvara———————hindu saint made god
1610 Munjem Malik——————afghani earth god
1611 Munume————————east african god of weather
1612 Muraja————————buddhist goddess of music
1613 Murukan———————–dravidian hunting and war god
1614 Musdamma———————-mesopotamian god of buildings
1615 Musisi————————southwest african messenger god
1616 Muso Koroni——————-west african fertility goddess
1617 Mut—————————egyptian goddess
1618 Mutinus———————–roman fertility god
1619 Muttalamman——————-dravidian plague goddess
1620 Muyingwa———————-hopi god
1621 Mylitta———————–greek goddess
1622 Myoken-Bodhisattva————buddhist astral god
1623 Myrrha————————semitic fertility goddess
1624 Na Cha————————taoist guardian god
1625 Na Ngutu———————-central african god of the dead
1626 Nabu——————-mesopotamian god of writing and wisdom
1627 Na’chitna’irgin—————siberian god of the dawn
1628 Nachunde———————-iranian sun god
1629 Nagakumara——————–jain god
1630 Nagaraja———————-hindu snake god
1631 Nagini————————jain goddess
1632 Nagual————————aztec guardian god
1633 Nahi————————–arabian guardian god
1634 Nahui Ehecatl—————–aztec water god
1635 Nahui Ollin——————-aztec creator god
1636 Nai—————————west african god of the ocean
1637 Naiades———————–greco-roman water gods
1638 Naigameya———————hindu god
1639 Na’ininen———————siberian creator god
1640 Nai-No-Kami——————-shinto earthquake god
1641 Nainuema———————-south american creator god
1642 Nairamata———————buddhist goddess
1643 Naksatra———————-hindu goddesses
1644 Namasangiti——————-buddhist god
1645 Nammu—————-mesopotamian creator and birth goddess
1646 Namtar————————mesopotamian messenger god
1647 Nana————————–armenian mother goddess
1648 Nanabozho———————ojibwa heroic god
1649 Nanahuatl———————aztec creator god
1650 Nanaja————————mesopotamian fertility goddess
1651 Nandi————————-hindu bull god
1652 Nang Lha———————-tibetan house god
1653 Nanna (1)———————mesopotamian astral god
1654 Nanna (2)———————nordic vegetation goddess
1655 Na’nqa-ka’le——————siberian guardian god
1656 Nanse————————-mesopotamian goddess of justice
1657 Nan-sgrub———————buddhist god
1658 Nantosuelta——————-celtic goddess of water
1659 Napaeae———————–greco-roman god of valleys
1660 Napir————————-iranian moon god
1661 Nappatecuhtli—————–aztec god of mat-makers
1662 Nappinnai———————hindu goddess
1663 Nara————————–hindu god
1664 Narada————————hindu god
1665 Naradatta———————hindu god
1666 Narasinhi———————hindu mother goddess
1667 Narayana———————-hindu creator god
1668 Nareu————————-melanesian creator god
1669 Narisah———————–manichaeanian goddess of light
1670 Narkissos———————greek god
1671 Nataraja———————-hindu god
1672 Natha————————-buddhist god
1673 Naunet————————egyptian primordial goddess
1674 Navadurga———————hindu gods
1675 Navasakti———————hindu goddesses
1676 Nayenezgani——————-navaho god of war
1677 Ndaula————————east african plague god
1678 Ndjambi———————–southwest african sky god
1679 Nebethetpet——————-egyptian primordial goddess
1680 Nebo————————–semitic god of writing and wisdom
1681 Nediyon———————–dravidian creator god
1682 Nefertum———————-egyptian primordial god
1683 Negun————————-mesopotamian goddess
1684 Nehalennia—————–romano-celtic goddess of seafarers
1685 Nehebu-Kau——————–egyptian snake god
1686 Neit————————–celtic god of war
1687 Neith————————-egyptian creator goddess
1688 Nekhbet———————–egyptian mother goddess
1689 Nekmet Awai——————-egyptian goddess of justice
1690 Nemausius———————romano-celtic god of water
1691 Nemesis————greco-roman goddess of justice and revenge
1692 Nemetona———romano-celtic goddess of sacred grove
1693 Ne’nenkicex——————-siberian creator god
1694 Neper————————-egyptian god of grain crops
1695 Nephthys———————-egyptian funerary goddess
1696 Neptunus———————-italic and roman god of irrigation
1697 Nereides———————-greco-roman goddesses of the sea
1698 Nereus————————greek sea god
1699 Nergal————————mesopotamian underworld god
1700 Nerrivik———————-inuit sea goddess
1701 Nerthus———————–danish fertility goddess
1702 Nesu————————–west african god of royalty
1703 Nethuns———————–etruscan god of fresh water
1704 Neti————————–mesopotamian underworld god
1705 Nextepehua——————–aztec underworld god
1706 Ngai————————–east african creator god
1707 Ngunuwo———————–west african guardian gods
1708 Ni—————————-south american sea god
1709 Niamye————————west african creator god
1710 Niha-Tsu-Hi-No-Kami———–shinto fire god
1711 Nike————————–greco-roman goddess of victory
1712 Nikkal————————semitic moon goddess
1713 Niladanda———————buddhist god
1714 Niladevi———————-hindu god
1715 Nilalohita——————–hindu god
1716 Nin Ezen (La)—————–sumerian goddess
1717 Nin Mar Ki——————–mesopotamian goddess
1718 Nin Me En———————mesopotamian goddess
1719 Nin Ur————————mesopotamian god
1720 Ninazu————————mesopotamian god
1721 Nindara———————–mesopotamian god
1722 Nindub————————mesopotamian god
1723 Ninegal———————–mesopotamian god of smiths
1724 Ningal————————mesopotamian reed goddess
1725 Ningikuga——–mesopotamian goddess of reeds and marshes
1726 Ningilin———————-mesopotamian god
1727 Ningirama———————mesopotamian god of magic
1728 Ningirsu———————-mesopotamian guardian god
1729 Ningirama———————mesopotamian guardian god
1730 Ningirsu———————-mesopotamian gaurdian god
1731 Ningiszida——————–mesopotamian god of light
1732 Ninhursaga——————–mesopotamian mother goddess
1733 Ninigi————————shinto god
1734 Nin-Ildu———————-mesopotamian god of carpenters
1735 Nin-Imma———————-mesopotamian fertility goddess
1736 Nin’insinna——————-mesopotamian fertility goddess
1737 Ninkarnunna——————-mesopotamian barber god
1738 Ninkigal———————-mesopotamian god
1739 Ninkurra———————-mesopootamian mother goddess
1740 Ninlil————————mesopotamian goddess of the air
1741 Ninmah————————mesopotamian mother goddess
1742 Ninmena———————–mesopotamian mother goddess
1743 Ninni————————-mesopotamian goddess
1744 Nin-sar———————–mesopotamian mother goddess
1745 Ninsikil———————-mesopotamian goddess
1746 Ninsubur———————-mesopotamian messenger goddess
1747 Ninsun————————mesopotamian cow goddess
1748 Ninsusinak——————–iranian national god
1749 Nintinugga——————–mesopotamian goddess
1750 Nintu————————-mesopotamian mother goddess
1751 Ninurta———————–mesopotamian god of thunderstorms
1752 Nirmali———————–afghani birth goddess
1753 Nirrti (1)——————–hindu goddess of darkness
1754 Nirrti (2)——————–buddhist guardian god
1755 Niruktipratisamvit————buddhist goddess
1756 Nissaba———————–mesopotamian goddess of writing
1757 Nispannatara——————buddhist goddess
1758 Njord————————-nordic god of the sea and winds
1759 Nodotus———————–romano-celtic god of cereal crops
1760 Nomi-No-Sukune—————-shinto god of sumo wrestlers
1761 Nommo————————-west african gods
1762 Nona————————–roman goddess of birth
1763 Nong————————–afghani god of winter
1764 Nortia————————etruscan goddess of fate
1765 Nosenga———————–south african tribal god
1766 Notus————————-roman god of the southwest winds
1767 Nrtya————————-buddhist mother goddess
1768 Nsongo————————central african moon goddess
1769 Nu Kua————————chinese creator goddess
1770 Nu Mus Da———————mesopotamian guardian god
1771 Nuandu————————celtic war god
1772 Nudimmud———————-mesopotamian creator god
1773 Nuli’rahak——————–siberian sea god
1774 Nun—————————egyptian primordial god
1775 Nunbarsegunu——————mesopotamian mother goddess
1776 Nurelli———————–aboriginal creator god
1777 Nusku————————-mesopotamian god of light
1778 Nut—————————egyptian creator goddess
1779 Nu’tenut———————-siberian earth god
1780 Nyakaya———————–sudanese crocodile goddess
1781 Nyame————————-west african creator god
1782 gNyan————————-tibertan tree gods
1783 Nyavirezi———————central african lion goddess
1784 Nyx—————————greek primordial goddess
1785 Nzambi————————central african creator god
1786 Nzapa————————-central african creator god
1787 Nze—————————central african moon god
1788 Obarator———————-roman god of agriculture
1789 Obatala———————–west african fertility god
1790 Occator———————–roman god of agriculture
1791 Ocelotl———————–aztec creator god
1792 Ocelus————————romano-celtic god of healing
1793 Odin————————–norse god
1794 Oduduwa———————–west african creator goddess
1795 Ogdoad————————egyptian primordial gods
1796 Ogmius————————celtic god of poetry and speech
1797 Ogiuwu————————west african god of death
1798 Ogun————————–west african god of war
1799 Ohoroxtotil——————-mayan creator god
1800 Oi—————————-east african sickness god
1801 O-lwa-Dai-Myojin————–shinto god of stoneworkers
1802 Okeanides———————greco-roman sea gods
1803 Okeanos———————–greek god of the oceans
1804 Oki-Tsu-Hiko-No-Kami———-shinto god of kitchens
1805 Oko—————————west african god of agriculture
1806 O-Kuni-Nushi-No-Mikoto——–shinto creator god
1807 Ola Bibi———————-hindu plague goddess
1808 Olifat————————micronesian prankster god
1809 Olodumare———————west african creator god
1810 Olokun————————west african god of fresh waters and oceans
1811 Omacatl———————–aztec god of feasting and revelry
1812 Ome Tochtli——————-aztec fertility god
1813 O’meal————————north american tribal god
1814 Ometecuhtli——————-toltec-aztec supreme god
1815 Ometeotl———————-aztec primordial god
1816 Omichle———————–phoenician primordial god/element
1817 Onuava————————celtic fertility goddess
1818 Onuris————————egyptian god of hunting and war
1819 Opo—————————west african god of the ocean
1820 Opochtli—————aztec god of lake fisherman and hunters
1821 Ops—————————greco-roman goddess of harvests
1822 Oraios————————gnostic christian primordial god
1823 Orcus————————-roman underworld god
1824 Ordog————————-hungarian malevolent god
1825 Oreades—————greco-roman goddesses of the mountains
1826 Ori—————————west african god of wisdom
1827 Orisanla———————-west african of sky god
1828 Orko————————–basque thunder god
1829 Oro—————————polynesian god of war
1830 Orotalt———————–arabian guardian god
1831 Orthia————————spartan mother goddess
1832 Orunmila———————-west african god of destiny
1833 Osande————————southwest african guardian god
1834 Osanobua———————-west african creator god
1835 Osiris————————egyptian god of the underworld
1836 Ostara————————germanic sun goddess
1837 Ostaraki———————-buddhist goddess
1838 Osun————————–west african goddess
1839 Othin————————-nordic god of the dead
1840 O-Toshi-No-Kami—————shinto god of harvests
1841 Ouranos———————–greek primordial god of heaven
1842 Owiot————————-north american moon god
1843 Oxlahun Ti Ku—————–13 mayan sky gods
1844 Oya—————————west african river goddess
1845 O-Yama-Tsu-Mi—————–shinto god of mountains
1846 Pa-bil-sag——————–mesopotamian guardian god
1847 Paca-Mama———————incan earth goddess
1848 Pachacamac——————–south american creator god
1849 Padma————————-hindu snake god
1850 Padmantaka——————–buddhist god
1851 Padmapani———————buddhist god
1852 Padmatara———————buddhist goddess
1853 Padmosnisa——————–buddhist god
1854 Pahteeatl———————aztec fertility god
1855 Paiawon———————–greek war god
1856 Painal————————aztec god of war
1857 Pajonn————————lappish god of thunder
1858 Pak Tai———————–taoist astral god of war
1859 Pakhet————————egyptian goddess of hunting
1860 Palaemon———————-greco-roman sea god
1861 Palaniyantavan—————-hindu god
1862 Pales————————-roman pastoral goddess
1863 Pallas————————greek goddess
1864 Pamola————————north american bird god
1865 Pan—————————greco-roman god of shepherds
1866 Panao————————-afghani creator god
1867 Pancabrahma——————-5 hindu gods
1868 Pancamukha-Patradeva———-buddhist god
1869 Pancanana———————hindu demonic god
1870 Pancaraksa——————–5 buddhist goddesses
1871 Pandara———————–buddhist goddess
1872 Paneu————————-7 afghani gods
1873 Pansahi Mata——————hindu mother goddess
1874 Pao Kung———————-chinese god of magistrates
1875 Papas————————-phrygian local god
1876 Papatuanuku——————-polynesian mother goddess
1877 Pap-nigin-gara—————-mesopotamian god of war
1878 Papsukkal———————mesopotamian messenger god
1879 Paramasva———————buddhist god
1880 Paramita———————-buddhist philosophical god
1881 Parasurama——————–hindu god
1882 Parcae————————greco-roman goddess of fate
1883 Parendi———————–hindu goddess of prosperity
1884 Pariacaca———————south american weather god
1885 Pariskaravasita—————buddhist goddess
1886 Parjanya———————-hindu god of rain
1887 Parna-Savari——————buddhist goddess
1888 Parsva————————jain god
1889 Partula———————–roman goddess of birth
1890 Parvati———————–hindu mother goddess
1891 Pasupati———————-hindu god of animals
1892 Patadharini——————-buddhist goddess of passage
1893 Pattinidevi——————-hindu mother goddess
1894 Pavana————————hindu god of the winds
1895 Pax—————————roman god of peace
1896 Peitho————————greek goddess of persuasion
1897 Peju’lpe———————-siberian guardian gods
1898 Pekko————————-finnish god of cereal crops
1899 Pele————————–polynesian volcano goddess
1900 Pellon Pekko——————finish vegetation god
1901 Pemba————————-west african creator god
1902 Pen Annwen——————–celtic underworld god
1903 Penates———————–roman hearth gods
1904 Perende———————–albanian storm god
1905 Perkons———————–latvian god of thunder
1906 Perse————————-greek underworld goddess
1907 Persephone——————–greek goddess of death
1908 Perun————————-balkan god of thunder
1909 Peruwa————————hittite horse god
1910 Phanebal———————-semitic god
1911 Phanes————————greek primordial sun god
1912 Phorkys———————–greek sea god
1913 Phosphoros——————–greek god of the morning star
1914 Phul Mata———————hindu mother goddess
1915 Phyi-Sgrub——————–buddhist god
1916 Picullus———————-romano-celtic underworld god
1917 Picvu’cin———————siberian god of hunters
1918 Pidari————————hindu god
1919 Pidray————————canaanite fertility goddess
1920 Pietas————————roman god
1921 Pilumnus———————-roman guardian god
1922 Pinikirz———————-iranian mother goddess
1923 Pistis————————gnostic christian goddess
1924 Pitao Cozobi——————mexican maize god
1925 Piyusaharana——————hindu physician god
1926 Pluto————————-roman underworld god
1927 Plutos————————greek god of riches
1928 Poeninus———————-romano-celtic mountain god
1929 Poleramma———————indian plague goddess
1930 Pollux————————roman horse god
1931 Poluknalai——————–afghani goddess of animals
1932 Polydeukes——————–greek horse god
1933 Pomona————————roman goddess of orchards and gardens
1934 Pon—————————siberian creator god
1935 Pontos————————greek god of the sea
1936 Pore————————–south american creator god
1937 Portunus———————-roman god of passage
1938 Poseidon———————-greek god of sea and mariners
1939 Posis Das———————greek sky god
1940 Pothos————————phoenician primordial god
1941 Potina————————roman goddess
1942 Poxlom————————mayan god of disease
1943 Prabhakari——————–buddhist goddess
1944 Prabhasa———————-hindu god
1945 Pracanda———————-hindu goddess
1946 Pradhana———————-hindu mother goddess
1947 Pradipatara——————-buddhist goddess of light
1948 Pradyumna———————dravidian god of love
1949 Prajapati———————hindu primordial god
1950 Prajna————————buddhist goddess
1951 Prajnantaka——————-buddhist god
1952 Prajnaparamita—————-buddhist goddess
1953 Prajnapti———————jain goddess of learning
1954 Prajnavardhani—————-buddhist god of literature
1955 Prakde————————afghani god
1956 Pramudita———————buddhist goddess
1957 Pranasakti——————–hindu goddess
1958 Pranidhanaparamita————buddhist philosophical god
1959 Pranidhanavasita————–buddhist goddess
1960 Prasannatara——————buddhist goddess
1961 Prasuti———————–hindu goddess
1962 Pratibhanakuta—————-buddhist god
1963 Pratibhanapratisamvit———buddhist goddess of context analysis
1964 Pratisamvit——————-4 buddhist goddess
1965 Pratyangira——————-hindu goddess of terrifying aspect
1966 Pratyusa———————-hindu attendant god
1967 Prende————————albanian goddess of love
1968 Priapos———————–greco-roman fertility god
1969 Priapus———————–roman god of the shade
1970 Priti————————-hindu goddess
1971 Priyadarsana——————buddhist goddess
1972 Prometheus——————–greek heroic god
1973 Promitor———————-roman god of agriculture
1974 Pronoia———————–gnostic christian primordial god
1975 Proserpina——————–roman goddess of death
1976 Proteus———————–greek sea god
1977 Providentia——————-roman goddess of forethought
1978 Proxumae———————-romano-celtic goddesses
1979 Prsni————————-hindu earth goddess
1980 Prthivi———————–hindu mother goddess of earth
1981 Prthu————————-hindu creator god
1982 Pryderi———————–celtic god
1983 Ptah————————–egyptian creator god
1984 Pu Ma————————-polynesian gods
1985 Pudicita———————-roman goddess of chastity
1986 Pu’gu————————-siberian sun god
1987 Pukkasi—————buddhist goddess of terrifying appearance
1988 Punarvasu———————hindu goddess of fortune
1989 Punitavati——————–hindu goddess
1990 Puranai———————–dravidian mother goddess
1991 Purandhi———————-minor goddess of prosperity
1992 Purusa————————hindu creator god
1993 Purvabhadrapada—————hindu goddess of fortune
1994 Purvaphalguni—————–hindu goddess of fortune
1995 Purvasadha——————–hindu goddess of fortune
1996 Pusan————————-hindu sun god
1997 Pusi————————–polynesian fish god
1998 Puspa————————-buddhist mother goddess
1999 Puspatara———————buddhist goddess
2000 Pusti————————-hindu fertility goddess
2001 Pusya————————-hindu goddess of fortune
2002 Puta————————–roman goddess of agriculture
2003 Pwyll————————-celtic god
2004 Qaitakalnin——————-siberian guardian god
2005 Qamai’ts———————-north american creator goddess
2006 Qa’wadiliquala—————-north american supreme god
2007 Qat—————————polynesian creator god
2008 Qaynan————————arabian god of smithies
2009 Qeskina’qu——————–siberian sky god
2010 Qos—————————arabian weather god
2011 Quades————————semitic fertility goddess
2012 Quat————————–polynesian creator god
2013 Qudsu————————-semitic god
2014 Quetzalcoatl——————aztec god
2015 Quiahuitl———————aztec creator god
2016 Quinkinna’qu——————siberian god
2017 Quinoa-Mama——————-peruvian goddess
2018 Quirinus———————-roman god of war
2019 Quzah————————-arabian mountain and weather god
2020 Radha————————-hindu goddess of emotional love
2021 Rahu————————–hindu primordial god
2022 Raijin————————shinto weather gods
2023 Rajamatangi——————-hindu goddess
2024 Raka (1)———————-hindu goddess of prosperity
2025 Raka (2)———————-polynesian god of winds
2026 Rakib-El———————-semitic moon god
2027 Rakta-Yamari——————buddhist god
2028 Raktalokesvara—————-buddhist god
2029 Raluvimbha——————–south african creator god
2030 Rama————————–hindu god
2031 Ran—————————nordic storm goddess
2032 Rang————————–sudanese god of hunting
2033 Ranginui———————-polynesian sky god
2034 Rasnu————————-persian god of passage and justice
2035 Rati————————–hindu goddess of sexual desire
2036 Ratnapani———————buddhist god
2037 Ratnaparamita—————–buddhist philosophical god
2038 Ratnasambhava—————–buddhist god
2039 Ratnolka———————-buddhist goddess of light
2040 Ratnosnisa——————–buddhist god
2041 Ratri————————-hindu goddess of the night
2042 Raudna————————lappish goddess
2043 Raudri————————hindu mother goddess
2044 Rauni————————-finno-ugrian storm goddess
2045 Rbhus————————-hindu sun gods
2046 Re—————————-egyptian creator god
2047 Redarator———————roman god of agriculture
2048 Renenutet———————egyptian snake goddess
2049 Resep Mukal——————-semitic war and plague god
2050 Revanta———————–hindu god of hunters
2051 Revati————————hindu goddess of fortune
2052 Rhadamanthos——————greco-roman underworld god
2053 Rhea————————–greek primordial goddess
2054 Rhiannon———————-celtic horse goddess
2055 Riddhi————————hindu goddess
2056 Riddhivasita——————buddhist goddess
2057 Rigisamus———————romano-celtic god of war
2058 Rind————————–germanic goddess
2059 Ritona————————romano-celtic goddess of rivers
2060 Rohini (1)——————–hindu goddess of fortune
2061 Rohini (2)——————–jain goddess of learning
2062 Roma————————–greek and roman guardian goddess
2063 Rongomai———————-polynesian whale god
2064 Rongomatane——————-polynesian god of agriculture
2065 Rosmerta———————-romano-celtic fertility goddess
2066 Rsabha————————hindu god
2067 Rua—————————tahitian god of craftsmen
2068 Ruamoko———polynesian god of volcanoes and earthquakes
2069 Rubanga———————–central african creator god
2070 Ruda————————–arabian guardian god
2071 Rudiobus———————-romano-celtic horse god
2072 Rudra————————-hindu weather god
2073 Rudracandra——————-hindu goddess
2074 Rudracarcika——————hindu mother goddess
2075 Rudrani———————–hindu goddess
2076 Rugievit———————-slav war god
2077 Ruhanga———————–east african creator god
2078 Rukmini———————–hindu goddess
2079 Rumina————————roman goddess
2080 Rundas————————hittite god of fortune
2081 Rupini————————buddhist minor goddess
2082 Ryangombe———————rwandan guardian god
2083 Ryujin————————shinto dragon god
2084 Sa—————————-west african creator god
2085 Sabaoth———————–gnostic christian creator god
2086 Sabazios———————-phrygian god
2087 Sadaksari———————buddhist god
2088 Sadbhuja-Sitatara————-buddhist god
2089 Sadhumati———————buddhist goddess
2090 Sadrapa———————–semitic god of healing
2091 Sagaramati——————–buddhist god
2092 Sahar————————-semitic moon god
2093 Sai’ Al Qaum——————semitic guardian god
2094 Sajara————————west african rainbow god
2095 Sakhmet———————–egyptian goddess of war
2096 Sakka————————-mesopotamian god of cattle
2097 Sakra————————-buddhist god
2098 Sakti————————-hindu god
2099 Sakumo————————west african god of war
2100 Sakyamuni———————buddhist god
2101 Sala————————–mesopotamian war goddess
2102 Salagrama———————hindu god
2103 Salevao———————–polynesian primordial god
2104 Salim————————-semitic god of evening
2105 Salm of Mahram—————-arabian guardian god
2106 Salus————————-roman god of health
2107 Sama————————–dravidian heroic god
2108 Samael————————gnostic christian creator god
2109 Samantabhadra—————–buddhist god
2110 Samantaprabha—————–buddhist goddess
2111 Samas————————-mesopotamian sun god
2112 Samba————————-hindu heroic god
2113 Samkarsana——————–dravidian god
2114 Sampsa————————finnish vegetation god
2115 Sams————————–arabian sun god
2116 Samvara———————–buddhist god
2117 San Chou Niang Niang———-chinese mother goddess
2118 gSan Sgrub——————–tibetan god
2119 Sandhya———————–hindu goddess
2120 San-Dui———————–buddhist guardian god
2121 Sangarios———————phrygian river god
2122 Sango————————-west african god of thunder
2123 Sani (1)———————-hindu astral god
2124 Sani (2)———————-buddhist astral god
2125 Saning Sari——————-javan rice mother
2126 Sanjna————————hindu goddess
2127 Sanju————————-afghani harvest goddess
2128 Sankari———————–hindu mother goddess
2129 Sankha————————hindu snake god
2130 Sanmukha———————-hindu god
2131 Santa————————-hindu mother goddess
2132 Santana———————–hindu minor goddess
2133 Santi————————-hindu goddess
2134 Santoshi Mata—————–hindu mother goddess
2135 Sanu————————–afghani god
2136 Sao Ching Niang Niang———chinese mother goddess
2137 Sapas————————-semitic sun god
2138 Saptamatara——————-7 hindu mother goddesses
2139 Sar—————————god of the dawn
2140 Sara————————–mesopotamian war god
2141 Saraddevi———————buddhist fertility and vegetation goddess
2142 Sarama————————hindu attendant goddess
2143 Saranyu———————–hindu primordial goddess
2144 Sarapis———————–egyptian god
2145 Sarasvati———————hindu mother goddess
2146 Sarra Itu———————mesopotamian fertility goddess
2147 Sarritor———————-roman god of agriculture
2148 Sarruma———————–hittite god
2149 Sarvabuddhadharma-Kosavati—-buddhist god of literature
2150 Sarvakarmavaranavisodhani—–buddhist god of literature
2151 Sarvanivaranaviskambhin——-buddhist god
2152 Sarvapayanjaha—————-buddhist god
2153 Sarvasokatamonirghatamati—–buddhist god
2154 Sarvastramahajvala————jain goddess of learning
2155 Sasanadevata——————jain messenger goddess
2156 Sasuratum———————7 semitic midwife goddesses
2157 Satabhisa———————hindu goddess of fortune
2158 Satarupa———————-hindu goddess
2159 Sati————————–hindu mother goddess
2160 Satis————————-egyptian goddess
2161 Satrughna———————hindu god
2162 Saturnus———————-roman astral god
2163 Satyabhama——————–hindu goddess
2164 Satyr————————-greco-roman woodland god
2165 Saubhagya-Bhuvanesvari——–buddhist goddess of good fortune
2166 Saule————————-latvian sun goddess
2167 Sauska————————hittite fertility goddess
2168 Savari————————buddhist goddess of terrifying appearance
2169 Savea Si’uleo—————–polynesian god of the dead
2170 Savitar———————–hindu sun god
2171 Saxnot————————saxon guardian god
2172 Say—————————egyptian god of destiny
2173 Sebitti———————–mesopotamian war gods
2174 Securita———————-roman guardian goddess
2175 Sed—————————egyptian guardian god
2176 Sedna————————-inuit sea goddess
2177 Sefkhet-Abwy——————egyptian goddess of libraries and writing
2178 Sekhet-Hor——————–egyptian cow goddess
2179 Selardi———————–armenian moon god
2180 Selene————————greek moon goddess
2181 Semele————————greco-roman mother goddess
2182 Semnocosus——————–roman-iberian god of war
2183 Senx————————–north american sun god
2184 Sepset————————egyptian funerary goddess
2185 Sequana———————–romano-celtic river goddess
2186 Serida————————mesopotamian mother goddess
2187 Serket————————egyptian mortuary goddess
2188 Sesa————————–hindu snake god
2189 Sesat————————-egyptian goddess of libraries and writing
2190 Sese————————–central african goddess
2191 Sesmetet———————-egyptian goddess
2192 Seta————————–east african fertility goddess
2193 Seth————————–egyptian god of chaos and adversity
2194 Seyon————————-dravidian creator god
2195 Sezmu————————-egyptian god of wine and oil presses
2196 Sga’na————————north american sea god
2197 Shadanana-Subrahmanya———hindu god
2198 Shang Kuo-Lao—————–taoist god
2199 Shang Ti———————-taoist creator god
2200 Shango————————west african storm god
2201 Shani————————-hindu astral god
2202 Shankpana———————west african plague god
2203 Sheela Na Gig—————–celtic mother goddess
2204 Shen Nung———————chinese god of agriculture
2205 gShen-Lha-Odkhar————–tibetan god of light
2206 gShen-Rab———————tibetan supreme god
2207 Shichi-Fuku-Jin—————7 shinto gods of luck
2208 Shina-Tsu-Niko—————-shinto god of winds
2209 Shomde————————afghani creator god
2210 Shong Li-Kuan—————–taoist god
2211 Shong-Kui———————taoist god of literature
2212 Shou Lao———————-chinese god of longevity
2213 Shurdi————————albania storm god
2214 Si—————————-peruvian moon god
2215 Sia—————————egyptian god of perception
2216 Si’a————————–semitic attendant goddess
2217 Siddhi————————hindu goddess
2218 Si’duku———————–siberian mother goddess
2219 Siduri————————mesopotamian goddess of brewing
2220 Sif—————————nordic corn goddess
2221 Sigyn————————-nordic goddess
2222 Sikhandin———————hindu god
2223 Dikhin————————buddhist physician god
2224 Silaparamita——————buddhist philosophical god
2225 Silma Inua——————–inuit supreme god
2226 Silvanus———————-roman god of woodlands and forests
2227 Si’mskalin——————–siberian guardian god
2228 Sin—————————mesopotamian moon god
2229 Sina————————–polynesian moon goddess
2230 Sindhu————————hindu river goddess
2231 Singala———————–arabian god
2232 Sinhanada———————buddhist physician god
2233 Sinivali———————-hindu goddess of prosperity
2234 Sins Sga’nagwai—————north american supreme god
2235 Siofn————————-nordic goddess
2236 Sipe Gialmo——————-tibetan mother goddess
2237 Sipylene———————-anatolian mother goddess
2238 Sirara————————mesopotamian goddess of the persian gulf
2239 Sirona————————romano-celtic goddess of healing
2240 Sirsir————————mesopotamian god of mariners
2241 Sirtur————————mesopotamian sheep goddess
2242 Sisyphos———————-corinthian sun god
2243 Sita————————–hindu earth goddess
2244 Sitala————————hindu mother goddess
2245 Sitapatra———————buddhist goddess
2246 Sitatara———————-buddhist goddess
2247 Siva————————–hindu create and destructive god
2248 Sivini————————armenian sun god
2249 Sivottama———————hindu god
2250 Skadi————————-nordic goddess
2251 Skanda————————hindu god of war
2252 Smertrios———————celtic god of war
2253 Smrti————————-buddhist god
2254 Snulk’ulxa’Is—————–north american god
2255 So—————————-west african weather god
2256 Sobek————————-egyptian god
2257 Sodasi————————hindu goddess
2258 Sodza————————-west african sky god
2259 Sogblen———————–west african messenger god
2260 Sogbo————————-west african storm god
2261 Sohodo-No-Kami—————-shinto god of scarecrows
2262 Sokar————————-egyptian underworld god
2263 Soko————————–west african sky god
2264 Sol (1)———————–roman sun god
2265 Sol (2)———————–nordic sun goddess
2266 Soma————————–hindu god
2267 Somaskanda——————–hindu god
2268 Somnus————————roman god of sleep
2269 Sopedu————————egyptian guardian god
2270 Sophia————————gnostic christian goddess
2271 Sore-Gus———————-south african sky god
2272 Sors————————–roman god of luck
2273 Sothis————————egyptian astral goddess
2274 Souconna———————-romano-celtic river goddess
2275 Soului————————west african vegetation god
2276 Spandaramet——————-armenian goddess
2277 Spes————————–roman goddess of hope
2278 Spiniensis——————–roman god of agriculture
2279 Sravana———————–hindu goddess of fortune
2280 Sravistha———————hindu goddess of fortune
2281 Sri (1)———————–hindu goddess
2282 Sri (2)———————–buddhist goddess
2283 Srikantha———————hindu god
2284 Srivasumukhi——————buddhist oddess
2285 Srivasundhara—————–buddhist goddess
2286 Srividyadevi——————hindu goddess
2287 Stanitakumara—————–jain god
2288 Sterculius——————–roman god of agriculture
2289 Stribog———————–slav god of winds
2290 Styx————————–greek underworld goddess
2291 Su—————————-egyptian primordial god
2292 Subhadra———————-hindu goddess
2293 Subhaga———————–buddhist goddess
2294 Subhamekhala——————buddhist goddess
2295 Subrahmanya——————-hindu warrior god
2296 Sucellos———————-romano-celtic god
2297 Suddhodana——————–buddhist primordial god
2298 Sudrem————————afghani weather god
2299 Sudurjaya———————buddhist goddess
2300 Sugaar————————basque snake god
2301 Sugriva———————–hindu monkey god
2302 Suijin————————shinto water gods
2303 Sukarasya———————buddhist goddess
2304 Sukla-Tara——————–buddhist goddess
2305 Sukra————————-hindu astral god
2306 Suksma————————hindu god
2307 Suku————————–west african creator god
2308 Sukuna-Hikona—————–shinto god of healing
2309 Suleviae———————-romano-celtic goddesses of passage
2310 Sulini————————hindu goddess
2311 Sulis————————-romano-celtic underworld goddess
2312 Sullat————————mesopotamian god
2313 Sulman————————mesopotamian fertility god
2314 Sulmanitu———————semitic fertility goddess
2315 Sul-pa-e———————-mesopotamian fertility and astral god
2316 Sulsaga———————–mesopotamian astral goddess
2317 Sul-utula———————mesopotamian guardian god
2318 Sumalini———————-buddhist goddess
2319 Sumati————————buddhist god of literature
2320 Sumbha————————buddhist goddess
2321 Subharaja———————buddhist god
2322 Sumiyoshi-No-Kami————-shinto sea gods
2323 Summamus———————-etruscan storm god
2324 Sumugan———————–mesopotamian god of the river plains
2325 Sun Hou-Shi——————-chinese monkey god
2326 Sundara———————–hindu-buddhist goddess
2327 Suparikirtitanamasri———-buddhist physician god
2328 Suparnakumara—————–jain god
2329 Sura————————–hindu goddess of wine
2330 Suraksini———————buddhist goddess
2331 Surangama———————buddhist god
2332 Suresvara———————hindu god
2333 Surya (1)———————hindu sun god
2334 Surya (2)———————hindu sun goddess
2335 Susano-Wo———————shinto weather god
2336 Susinak———————–iranian god of Susa
2337 Sutekh————————hittite weather god
2338 Svadha————————hindu goddess
2339 Svantevit———————latvian god of war
2340 Svaraghosaraja—————-buddhist physician god
2341 Svarozic———————-slav sun god
2342 Svasthavesini—————–hindu goddess
2343 Svati————————-hindu goddess of fortune
2344 Syamatara———————buddhist goddess
2345 Tabaldak———————-north american creator god
2346 Tabiti————————scythian goddess of fire
2347 Ta-Bitjet———————egyptian scorpion goddess
2348 Taditkara———————buddhist goddess of light
2349 T’ai Shan———————chinese god
2350 T’ai Yi———————–chinese primordial god
2351 Tailtiu———————–celtic goddess
2352 Taipan————————aboriginal snake god
2353 Tai-Sui-Jing——————chinese god of temporal time
2354 Tajin————————-mesoamerican rain gods
2355 Taka-Mi-Musubi-No-Kami——–shinto primordial creator being
2356 Taka-Okami-No-Kami————shinto rain god
2357 Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami——shinto god of thunder
2358 Takkiraja———————buddhist god
2359 Takotsi Nakawe—————-mesoamerican vegetation goddess
2360 Taksaka———————–hindu snake god
2361 Ta’lab————————arabian moon god
2362 Tam Kung———————-chinese sea god
2363 Tama-No-Ya——————–shinto god of jewelers
2364 Tamats Palike Tamoyeke——–mesoamerican god of wind and air
2365 Tanara————————siberian sky god
2366 Tana’ao———————–polynesian weather and sea god
2367 Tane————————–polynesian god of light
2368 Tangaroa———————-polynesian sea and creator god
2369 Tango————————-polynesian god
2370 Ta’ngwanla’na—————–north american supreme sea god
2371 Tanit————————-phoenician moon goddess
2372 Ta-No-Kami——————–shinto agricultural god
2373 Tanu’ta———————–siberian earth god
2374 T’ao Hua Hsiennui————-chinese goddess
2375 Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami———–shinto god of carpenters
2376 Tapio————————-finish hunting god
2377 Tar—————————west african earth god
2378 Tara————————–hindu goddess
2379 Taranis———————–romano-celtic thunder god
2380 Tarhunt———————–hurrian weather god
2381 Tari Pennu——————–indian goddess
2382 Taru————————–hittite weather god
2383 Tarvos Trigaranos————-romano-celtic bull god
2384 Tasenetnofret—————–egyptian goddess
2385 Tasmetu———————–mesopotamian goddess
2386 Tasmisu———————–hittite attendant god
2387 Tate————————–sioux creator god
2388 Tate Hautse Kupuri————mesoamerican rain and water goddess
2389 Tate Kyewimoka—————-mesoamerican rain and water goddess
2390 Tate Naaliwahi—————-mesoamerican rain and water goddess
2391 Tate Oteganaka—————-mesoamerican corn goddess
2392 Tate Rapawiyema—————mesoamerican rain and water goddess
2393 Tate Velika Vimali————mesoamerican sun goddess
2394 Tatenen———————–egyptian underworld god
2395 Tatevali———————-mesoamerican god of fire
2396 Tathatavasita—————–buddhist goddess
2397 Tatosi————————mesoamerican god of fire
2398 Tatqa’hicnin——————siberian vegetation god
2399 Taumata-Atua——————polynesian vegetation god
2400 Tawa————————–pueblo indian creator god
2401 Taweret———————–egyptian goddess of childbirth
2402 Tawhaki———————–polynesian heroic god
2403 Tawhirimatea——————polynesian god of winds
2404 Ta’xet————————north american god of death
2405 Ta’yan————————siberian supreme god
2406 Tayau————————-mesoamerican sun god
2407 Tayau Sakaimoka—————mesoamerican sun god
2408 Te-Aka-la-Roe—————–polynesian creator god
2409 Te-Manava-Roa—————–polynesian creator god
2410 Te Kore———————–polynesian primordial god
2411 Te Po————————-polynesian primordial god
2412 Te-Tanga-Engae—————-polynesian creator god
2413 Tecciztecatl——————aztec moon god
2414 Tefnut————————egyptian primordial goddess of moisture
2415 Tegid Foel——————–celtic water goddess
2416 Teharon———————–mohawk indian creator god
2417 Teicauhtzin——————-aztec minor god of water
2418 Teisbas———————–armenian guardian god
2419 Tejosnisa———————buddhist god
2420 Telepinu———————-hittite vegetation and fertility god
2421 Teliko————————west african god of hot winds
2422 Teljavelik——————–lithuanian creator god
2423 Tellus————————roman primordial mother goddess
2424 Telpochtli——————–aztec god
2425 Tenanto’mni——————-siberian creator god
2426 Tenanto’mwan——————siberian creator god
2427 Tepeyollotl——————-aztec earth god
2428 Tepoztecatl——————-aztec fertility god
2429 Terminus———————-roman god of passage
2430 Terra Mater——————-roman primordial goddess
2431 Tesub————————-hittite weather god
2432 Teteo Innan Teteo————-aztec god of fire
2433 Teteoinnan——————–aztec god of curers
2434 Teteoinnan-Toci—————aztec goddess of midwives
2435 Tethys————————greek sea goddess
2436 Tetzahauteotl—————–aztec god of war
2437 Tetzahuitl——————–aztec god of war
2438 Teuhcatl———————-aztec god of war
2439 Teutates———————-romano-celtic tribal god
2440 Tewi’xilak——————–north american god of goat hunters
2441 Tezcacoac Ayopechtli———-aztec birth goddess
2442 Tezcatlipoca——————aztec sun god
2443 Tezcatlipoca-Itztlacoliuhqui–aztec temple god
2444 Tezcatzoncatl—————–aztec fertility god
2445 Thab-Iha———————-tibetan hearth god
2446 Thakur Deo——————–hindu god
2447 Thalna————————etruscan goddess of childbirth
2448 Thanatos———————-greek god of death
2449 Thatmanitu——————–semitic goddess of healing
2450 Thea————————–greek goddess
2451 Theandros———————arabian god
2452 Themis————————greco-roman goddess of justice and order
2453 Thesan————————etruscan goddess of the dawn
2454 Thetis————————goddess of rivers and oceans
2455 Thor————————–nordic god of war
2456 Thoth————————-egyptian god of the moon
2457 Thuremlin———————australasia god of passage
2458 Tia—————————north american god of death
2459 Tiamat————————mesopotamian primordial creator goddess
2460 Tiberinus———————roman river god
2461 Tien Mu———————–chinese goddess of lightning
2462 T’ien Tsun——————–taoist gods
2463 Tienoltsodi——————-navaho god of oceans and fresh water
2464 Tifenua———————–polynesian fertility god
2465 Ti’hmar———————–siberian supreme god
2466 Tiki————————–polynesian creator god
2467 Tiksnosnisa——————-buddhist god
2468 Tilla————————-hittite bull god
2469 Timaiti-Ngava Ringavari——-polynesian primordial god
2470 Timatekore——————–polynesian primordial god
2471 Tin—————————etruscan sky god
2472 Tin Hau———————–taoist goddess of waters
2473 Tinirau———————–polynesian fish god
2474 Tinnit————————pontic goddess
2475 Tino Taata——————–polynesian creator god
2476 Tir—————————armenian god of wisdom
2477 Tirawa————————pawnee indian creator god
2478 Tirumal———————–dravidian creator god
2479 Tispak————————mesopotamian god
2480 Titans————————greek gods
2481 Titlacahuan——————-aztec god
2482 Tiwaz————————-germanic sky god
2483 Ti’ykitiy———————siberian sun god
2484 Ti’zil-Kutkhu—————–siberian guardian god
2485 Tlacahuepan——————-aztec god of war
2486 Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli———aztec god of the morning star
2487 Tlalehitonatiuh—————aztec underworld god
2488 Tlaloc————————aztec rain god
2489 Tlaloque-Tepictoton———–aztec fertility and rain god
2490 Tlaltecuhtli——————aztec creator goddess
2491 Tlazotleotl——————-aztec earth goddess
2492 Tloque Nahauque—————aztec creator god
2493 Tna’nto———————–siberian god of the dawn
2494 Tnecei’vune——————-siberian god of the dawn
2495 Tne’sgan———————-siberian god of the dawn
2496 Toa’lalit———————north american god of hunters
2497 Tobadzistsini—————–navaho war god
2498 Tokakami———————-mesoamerican god of death
2499 Toko’yoto———————siberian guardian god
2500 Tomiyauhtecuhtli————–aztec fertility and rain god
2501 Tomor————————-albanian creator god
2502 Tomwo’get———————siberian creator god
2503 Tonacacihuatl—————–aztec primordial god
2504 Tonacatecuhtli—————-aztec primordial god
2505 Tonaleque———————aztec goddess
2506 Tonatiuh———————-aztec creator god
2507 Tonenili———————-navaho rain god
2508 Topoh————————-east african astral god
2509 Tork————————–armenian mountain god
2510 Tornarssuk——————–inuit supreme god
2511 Toro————————–central african creator god
2512 Tororut———————–east african creator god
2513 Torto————————-basque cyclops god
2514 Totilma’il——————–mayan creator god
2515 Totoltecatl——————-aztec fertility god
2516 Tou Mou———————–chinese goddess of measure
2517 Touia Fatuna——————polynesian earth goddess
2518 Toumou————————egyptian god
2519 Toyo-Uke-Bime—————–shinto goddess of foodstuffs
2520 Tozi————————–goddess of healing
2521 Trailokyavijaya—————buddhist god
2522 Trayastrinsa——————hindu gods
2523 Triglav———————–slav god of war
2524 Trikantakidevi—————-hindu goddess
2525 Trimurti———————-3 hindu gods
2526 Tripura———————–hindu-jain mother goddess
2527 Trita————————-hindu goddess
2528 Tritons———————–roman sea gods
2529 Trivikrama——————–hindu god
2530 Trograin———————-celtic god
2531 Tsai Shen———————chinese god of wealth
2532 Tsa’qamae————-north american god of salmon migration
2533 Tsohanoai———————navaho sun god
2534 Tsuki-Yomi——————–shinto moon god
2535 Tsunigoab———————southwestern african creator god
2536 Tu (1)————————chinese earth goddess
2537 Tu (2)————————polynesian primordial god
2538 Tuatha De Danann————–celtic gods
2539 Tule————————–sudanese spider god
2540 Tumatauenga——————-polynesian god of war
2541 Tu-Metua———————-polynesian god
2542 Tumuteanaoa——————-polynesian goddess
2543 Tunek————————-inuit god of seal hunters
2544 Turan————————-etruscan goddess of love
2545 Turms————————-etruscan underworld god
2546 Tutu————————–mesopotamian god
2547 Tvastar———————–hindu creator god
2548 Tyche————————-greco-roman goddess of fortune
2549 Tzontemoc———————aztec underworld god
2550 Tzu Sun Niangniang————chinese mother goddess
2551 Tzultacah—————–mayan underworld and thunder gods
2552 Ua-Ildak———————-mesopotamian vegetation goddess
2553 Ubertas———————–roman god of agriculture
2554 Ucchusma———————-buddhist god
2555 Udadhikumara——————jain gods
2556 Ugar————————–semitic vegetation god
2557 Ugracandika——————-hindu goddess
2558 Ugratara———————-hindu goddess
2559 Ukko————————–finnish thunder god
2560 Ukur————————–mesopotamian underworld god
2561 Ull—————————nordic god
2562 Ulu’tuyar Ulu Toyo’n———-siberian evil creator god
2563 Uma—————————hindu goddess
2564 Umashi-Ashi-Kabi-Hiko-Ji-No-Kamishinto creator god
2565 Umvelinkwangi—————–zulu creator god
2566 Uni—————————etruscan goddess
2567 Unkulunkulu——————-zulu creator god
2568 Unumbote———————-west african creator god
2569 Unxia————————-roman goddess of marriage
2570 Upakesini———————buddhist god
2571 Upapattivasita—————-buddhist goddess
2572 Upayaparamita—————–buddhist philosophical god
2573 Upulvan———————–sri lankan god
2574 Uras————————–mesopotamian earth goddess
2575 Urtzi————————-basque sky god
2576 Uru’n Ajy Toyo’n————–siberian creator god
2577 Usas————————–hindu goddess of the dawn
2578 Usins————————-latvian astral god
2579 Uslo————————–siberian spirit of mountains
2580 Usnisa————————buddhist god
2581 Usnisavijaya——————buddhist primordial goddess
2582 Uttarabhadrapada————–hindu goddess of fortune
2583 Uttaraphalguni—————-hindu goddess of fortune
2584 Uttarasadha——————-hindu goddess of fortune
2585 Uttu————————–mesopotamian goddess of weaving
2586 Utu—————————mesopotamian sun god
2587 Vac—————————hindu goddess of the spoken word
2588 Vacuna————————sabine minor goddess
2589 Vadali————————buddhist goddess
2590 Vagbija———————–hindu goddess
2591 Vahisvara———————buddhist god of speech
2592 Vagitanus———————roman god of passage
2593 Vahagn————————armenian god of victory
2594 Vahguru———————–sikh creator god
2595 Vaikuntha———————hindu god
2596 Vaimanika———————jain gods
2597 Vaimamoinen——————-finnish god
2598 Vairacocha——————–incan creator god
2599 Va’irgin———————-siberian supreme god
2600 Vairocana———————buddhist god
2601 Vairotya———————-jain goddess of learning
2602 Vaisnavi———————-hindu mother goddess
2603 Vajracarcika——————buddhist goddess
2604 Vajradaka———————buddhist god
2605 Vajradhara——————–buddhist god
2606 Vajradhatvisvari————–buddhist god
2607 Vajragandhari—————–buddhist goddess
2608 Vajragarbha——————-buddhist god
2609 Vajraghanta——————-buddhist goddess
2610 Vajramrta———————buddhist god
2611 Vajrapani———————buddhist god
2612 Vajrapasi———————buddhist goddess
2613 Vajrasphota——————-buddhist goddess
2614 Vajrasrnkhala (1)————-buddhist goddess
2615 Vajrasrnkhala (2)————-jain goddess of learning
2616 Vajratara———————buddhist goddess
2617 Vajravarahi——————-buddhist goddess
2618 Vajravidarani—————–buddhist goddess
2619 Vajrayogini——————-buddhist goddess
2620 Vajrosnisa——————–buddhist god
2621 Vali————————–nordic god
2622 Valli————————-hindu goddess
2623 Valtam————————nordic god
2624 Vamana————————hindu god
2625 Vana-Durga——————–hindu god
2626 Vanir————————-nordic gods
2627 Varaha————————hindu god
2628 Varahi————————hindu mother goddess
2629 Varahmukhi——————–buddhist goddess
2630 Varali————————buddhist goddess
2631 Vari-Ma-Te-Takere————-polynesian goddess
2632 Varuna————————hindu guardian god
2633 Vasantadevi——————-buddhist goddess of spring
2634 Vasita————————12 hindu goddesses
2635 Vasu————————–8 hindu gods
2636 Vasudeva———————-hindu god
2637 Vasudhara———————hindu fertility goddess
2638 Vasumatisri——————-buddhist goddess
2639 Vasusri———————–buddhist goddess
2640 Vasya-tara——————–buddhist goddess
2641 Vata————————–hindu god of wind
2642 Vatapattrasayin—————hindu god
2643 Vayu (1)———————-hindu god of the winds
2644 Vayu (2)———————-buddhist god
2645 Vayukumara——————–jain god
2646 Ve—————————-nordic god
2647 Ve’ai————————-siberian vegetation god
2648 Veive————————-etruscan god
2649 Veja Mate———————latvian goddess of winds
2650 Velaute’mtilan—————-siberian vegetation god
2651 Veles————————-slav underworld god
2652 Velu Mate———————latvian underworld goddess
2653 Venda————————-dravidian creator god
2654 Venkata———————–hindu god
2655 Venus————————-roman goddess of sexual love
2656 Verbti————————albanian god of fire
2657 Verethragna——————-persian god of victories
2658 Vervactor———————roman god of ploughing
2659 Vertumnus———————roman god of gardens and orchards
2660 Vesta————————-roman goddess of fire
2661 Vetali————————buddhist goddess of terrifying appearance
2662 Victoria———————-roman goddess of victory
2663 Vidar————————-nordic god of war
2664 Vidyadevi———————16 jain goddesses
2665 Vidyapati-Lokesvara———–buddhist god
2666 Vidyesvara——————–8 hindu goddesses
2667 Vidyraja———————-buddhist guardian god
2668 Vidyujjvalakarili————-buddhist goddess
2669 Vidyutkumara——————jain god
2670 Vighnantaka——————-buddhist god
2671 Vighnesvaranugramurti———hindu gods
2672 Vijaya————————hindu god
2673 Vikalaratri——————-buddhist goddess
2674 Vili————————–nordic god
2675 Vimala————————buddhist goddess
2676 Vina————————–buddhist goddess of music
2677 Vindhya———————–hindu mountain god
2678 Virabhadra——————–hindu war god
2679 Viraj————————-hindu primordial goddess
2680 Viraratri———————hindu
2681 Virbius———————–roman underworld god
2682 Virtus————————roman god of military prowess
2683 Virudhaka———————buddhist god
2684 Virupaksa———————hindu god
2685 Viryaparamita—————–buddhist philosophical god
2686 Vishnu————————hindu creator god
2687 Vishnu Trivikrama————-hindu god
2688 Visvakarman——————-hindu creator god
2689 Visvaksena——————–hindu god
2690 Visvamitra——————–hindu god
2691 Visvarupa———————hindu god
2692 Visvosnisa——————–buddhist god
2693 Vitthali———————-hindu god
2694 Vitzilliputzli—————-aztec god
2695 Vivascan———————-hindu sun god
2696 Vodu————————–west african gods
2697 Voltumna———————-etruscan guardian god
2698 Volumna———————–roman nursery goddess
2699 Vor—————————nordic goddess
2700 Vosegus———————–romano-celtic mountain god
2701 Vrtra————————-hindu god of chaos
2702 Vulcanus———————-roman god of fire and forges
2703 Vyasa————————-hindu god
2704 Wadd————————–arabian moon god
2705 Wadj Wer———————-egyptian fertility god
2706 Wadjet————————egyptian goddess of royal authority
2707 Wai—————————central african sun god
2708 Waka————————–ethiopian creator god
2709 Waka-Hiru-Me——————shinto sun goddess
2710 Wakan Tanka——————-dakota indian creator god
2711 Waka-Sa-Na-Me-No-Kami———shinto agricultural goddess
2712 Waka-Toshi-No-Kami————shinto agricultural god
2713 Wakonda———————–omaha indian creator god
2714 Wamala————————east african god of plenty
2715 Wanka————————-incan guardian god
2716 Waralden Olmai—————-lappish guardian god
2717 Wawki————————-incan guardian god
2718 Weng Shiang——————-taoist god of literature
2719 Wepwawet———————-egyptian god of passage
2720 Wer—————————mesopotamian storm god
2721 Weri Kumbamba—————–east african creator god
2722 Whiro————————-polynesian god of death
2723 Whope————————-sioux goddess
2724 Wi—————————-sioux sun god
2725 Windigo———————–ojibwa ice god
2726 Wiu—————————sudanese god of war
2727 Wodan————————-germanic god of war
2728 Wong Taisin——————-chinese god
2729 Wosret————————egyptian guardian goddess
2730 Wu—————————-west african sea god
2731 Wuriupranili——————aboriginal sun goddess
2732 Wu’squus———————-siberian god of darkness
2733 Xaya Iccita——————-siberian mountain god
2734 Xewioso———————–west african thunder god
2735 Xil Sga’nagwai—————-north american medicine god
2736 Xilonen———————–aztec vegetation goddess
2737 Xipe Totec——————–aztec vegetation god
2738 Xiuhtecuhtli——————aztec astral god
2739 Xochiquetzal———–aztec goddess of fertility and childbirth
2740 Xochiquetzal-Ichpuchtli——-aztec fertility goddess
2741 Xolotl————————aztec god
2742 Xolotl Nanahuatl————–aztec god
2743 Yacacoliuhqui—————–aztec god of commerce
2744 Yacahuiztli——————-aztec underworld goddess
2745 Yacapitzahuac—————–aztec god of commerce
2746 Yacatecuhtli——————aztec god of commerce
2747 Ya’china’ut——————-siberian moon god
2748 Yah—————————egyptian moon god
2749 Ya’halan———————-siberian guardian god
2750 Ya’halna’ut——————-siberian guardian god
2751 Yajna————————-hindu god
2752 Yaksas————————hindu tree gods
2753 Yaldabaoth——————–gnostic christian creator god
2754 Yama————————–hindu god of death
2755 Yamaduti———————-buddhist messenger god
2756 Yama-No-Kami——————shinto mountain god
2757 Yamantaka———————buddhist guardian god
2758 Yamari————————buddhist god
2759 Yami————————–hindu mother goddess
2760 Yamm————————–semitic god of the ocean
2761 Yamuna————————hindu river goddess
2762 Yaw—————————aztec god
2763 Ya’qhicnin——————–siberian creator god
2764 Yaro————————–ethiopian creator god
2765 Yasodhara———————buddhist goddess
2766 Yauhqueme———————aztec fertility and rain god
2767 Yayu————————–central african sky god
2768 Yeloje————————siberian sun god
2769 Yemekonji———————central african creator god
2770 Yemoja————————west african goddess of water
2771 Yen Kuang Niang Niang———chinese mother goddess
2772 Yhi—————————aboriginal sun goddess
2773 Yina’mna’ut——————-siberian god of mists and fogs
2774 Yina’mtian——————–siberian god of mists and fogs
2775 Yine’ane’ut——————-siberian guardian god
2776 Yng—————————nordic creator god
2777 Yaolli Ehecatli—————aztec creator god
2778 Yoaltecuhtf——————-aztec creator god
2779 Yobin-Pogil——————-siberian forest god
2780 Yocahu————————puerto rican guardian god
2781 Yogesvari———————buddhist mother goddess
2782 Yolkai Estan——————navaho fertility goddess
2783 Yspaddaden Pencawr————celtic god
2784 Yu Huang Shang Ti————-taoist supreme god
2785 Yu Shih———————–taoist rain god
2786 Yu-Chiang———————chinese god of ocean winds
2787 Yum Cimil———————mayan god of death
2788 Yum Kaax———————-mayan vegetation god
2789 Yu-ti————————-taoist sky god
2790 Zababa————————mesopotamian god of war
2791 Zalmoxis———————-thracian sky god
2792 Zapotlantenan—————–aztec healing goddess
2793 Zara-Mama———————peruvian maize goddess
2794 Zarpanitu———————mesopotamian birth goddess
2795 Zemepatis———————lithuanian god
2796 Zemi————————–puerto rican primordial gods
2797 Zemyna————————lithuanian underworld goddess
2798 Zephyrus———————-roman god of the south winds
2799 Zethos————————greek god
2800 Zeus————————–greek sky god
2801 Zhang Guo-lao—————–taoist god
2802 Zhiwud————————afghani messenger goddess
2803 Zhong-li Quan—————–taoist god
2804 Zibelthiurdos—————–thracian storm god
2805 Zipakna———————–mayan earthquake god
2806 Zoe———————greek and gnostic christian goddess of life
2807 Zotz————————–mayan guardian god
2808 Zurvan—————–persian god of temporal time and fate

Hitler’s Charisma

When we look at images of Hitler addressing an audience, it is hard to believe that anyone ever took him seriously. To modern eyes he looks like a raving nutter, a clown with an absurd mustache and a bad haircut.

Hitler's Charisma

Laurence Rees,  the author of  the book: “Hitler’s Charisma” published in 2012 writes that:  “If Hitler hadn’t existed no fiction writer would ever have dreamed him up. He is just too implausible a figure to have become the leader of a sophisticated state at the heart of Europe in the Twentieth Century

Rees characterizes Hitler as being: “incapable of normal human friendships, filled with rage, full of prejudice and unable to sustain intellectual argument.”

Hitler impersonations are still a part of the comic repertoire more than 70 years after his ignominious suicide in 1945. He was even a figure of fun at the height of his power during WWII,  Charlie Chaplin satirized him brilliantly in his 1940 film “The Great Dictator”

Yet Adolf Hitler managed to become one of the most powerful human beings in the world, he instigated the Holocaust, he destroyed millions of lives and changed the course of history.

We can at least take comfort from knowing that such an unstable, bigoted, immoral racist would never be elected in a modern, sophisticated, 21st century western democracy. Of course he wouldn’t be elected in the UK, Australia or the USA because Hitler reflected the bigotry and corrupt morality of 1930’s Germany.

No we wouldn’t elect Hitler, but we might just elect an unstable, bigoted, immoral racist who reflected the bigotry and corrupt morality of our own society.

Beware of what you ask for, you might get it.