Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a strange land.

So I was in a Holiday Inn in Richardson Tx, the one next to the Texas Instruments factory in Dallas. It was a Sunday morning in 1975 and my first visit to the USA.

I switched on the TV and started channel surfing, a new experience for me because in the UK at that time there were only 3 TV channels. I was fascinated by a rerun of Startrek because I had never seen it in colour before and didn’t know that the crew wore different colored T shirts. Travel truly broadens the mind.

Finally I dropped onto what I thought was a comedy show, it was only after the presenter began exhorting his audience to kneel down in front of their TVs, so that God could tell them where to send money, that I realized I was watching a televangelist. I didn’t know the word “televangelist” at the time but I soon discovered that they were a thriving industry in the USA. They still are. The attached clip would be unbelievable except that it is typical of Tel-evangelical bragging about their successes in conning their congregation out of their hard earned money.

It’s a shame there is no Hell because these arseholes and all their despicable mates truly deserve to go there.

God Loves Abortion

One religious argument against abortion is that each human being is granted a soul at the moment of conception, and that destroying that “soul” is equivalent to murder.

The logic of this souls based argument leads to the conclusion that most methods of birth control, with the exception of condoms, are equivalent to mass murder.

Catholics dogma, of course, considers even the the use of condoms to be immoral. “AIDS is bad but condoms are worse” as the sainted Hitchens put it.

According to studies by the CDC and other medical authorities, less than 70% of all fertilized eggs will even implant into the mother’s womb and even if implantation does occur, there is a 25-50% chance of aborting before the mother even knows she is pregnant.

From the fundamentalist point of view, all those little souls are being given a home,  only to be aborted before they even know they are alive.

The worlds most prolific abortionist (25-50% of all pregnancies) is God himself. If  we are to grant that God exists, we must conclude that he loves abortion or why else would he perform so many of them.

Cold as Fuck

I usually fact check stuff before I share it, but not this time. I really fucking desperately want this to be fucking true. One gets so fucking few fucking opportunities to say “cold as fuck” here in Oz and so one should not fucking waste any fucking opportunity to fucking complain about the fucking weather or any other fucking thing. Fuck me! I feel much fucking better now.

Coming to Take Me Away

My right wing conservative friends have finally convinced me. The evidence is overwhelming. That socialist, Muslim, Kenyan, SOB in the white house has finally given himself away.

In his State of the Union address,  Barrack Obama failed to mention the 10 U.S. sailors in Iranian custody. This can only mean that a massive cover up is taking place.

Clearly Obama personally sabotaged the engines of the boat or put sugar in the fuel or something. This is a massive abuse of power and should be investigated immediately along with the pink unicorns who keep eating my cabbages and the giant squirrel in my attic put there by the CIA to listen in on my private conversations with my friend in the sky and please let me keep my guns and why is that little white van parked in my driveway and oh no they are coming to take me away ha ha ho ho hee hee …..