Social Insecurity

I have always had difficulty understanding the opposition of many Americans to universal health care. Even those Americans who would benefit the most from such a scheme seemed implacably opposed to the idea.

I was living in the USA when President Clinton tried and failed to get a health care plan passed in the early nineties. I had many discussions with my American colleagues and found that despite their being only too aware that they were just a pink slip away from dropping out of the middle class or just one major illness away from bankruptcy, they still opposed universal health care.

As a native of the UK I grew up with the National Health Service (NHS). When any of my family were ill or injured we went to the doctor or hospital and got treated. No money changed hands. We had no fear of financial ruin arising from medical bills, in fact we never received a medical bill. We paid into the NHS and we received treatment as and when required, no drama, no fuss, no worries.

We never thought of the NHS as “socialized medicine” just as we never thought of the police force as “socialized police”, nor the schools as “socialized education” nor the roads as “socialized transport”. As citizens of a free society we considered that all of these services were necessary for the public welfare and should rightly be paid for from the public purse to which we all contributed.

Illness and medical emergencies are sufficiently frightening without adding the fear of financial ruin. Obama Care has arrived, give it a chance, you might even like it.

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